30+ Best Decor CC & Mods for The Sims 4

Decor objects may not seem too important but they’re crucial for building the ideal house for your Sims. And in this post, I’ll list over 30 best decor mods and CC for Sims 4 so you can find exactly what you need.

This Charlotte-inspired bed is a very elegant choice. The bed doesn’t take up too much and its design is overall simplistic. It has iron frames, simple one-colored sheets, and two pillows.

Charlotte Bedroom – Bed Decorations

It has a smooth surface and a pretty realistic design overall. It fits into any modern kitchen you might have in Sims 4 because it comes in 8 different color versions.

Avis Decor Wall Oven

This fashionable decorative drawer is perfect for teens and young female Sims who love the pink color. It is very stylish and a bit girly, so it’s perfect for the gentler sex. However, you can use it in any room you want.

Fashion Decorative Drawers

This is a beautiful piece of classic Europium wall decor for your bedroom or living room. It looks rustic but elegant at the same time.

Europium Wicker Wall Decor

If your Sim is an artistic type then this Rhenium head wall decor is might be a perfect piece for their taste. It looks very fancy, especially when put at the entrance of the house or in the living area.

Rhenium Head Decor

If you want a contemporary look in your living area or in the dining space, then this Altara ceiling decor is a very good option to go for. It’s simple, modernistic, and ideal for a minimalistic build.

Altara Ceiling Decor

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