Top 20 Church CC for TS4 – Find Ultimate Serenity with These Packs!

Do you really like religious art and architecture and want to decorate your neighborhood with it? Well, if this sounds like you come to check out our top 20 church CC!

The Stuff for Church Pack comes with a variety of items that will certainly prepare your sim for a day at church.

Stuff For Church

The Take me To Church Boys Formalwear set is what every sim boy needs if they are being brought to church. It comes with a lot of swatches for shoes, socks, pants, and tops.

Take Me To Church Boys Formal Wear

It features the Capuchin Church In Vienna, Facade Mural on the Maronite Catholic Catherdral In Nicosia, and St. Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh in painting form.

Religious Paintings

It has the Sienne Duomo Cathedrale Round Window, St. Sulpice Round Window, Jesus on the Cross, Mes Enfants, St Catherine, and Hagia Sophia in stained glass window form.

Stained Glass Window

The Stained Glass Windows with Rosettes by Snowhaze is a perfect example of how colorful stained glass can be.

Stained Glass Windows With Rosettes

It has a total of 17 different pieces of pipework and just looking at it can tell you how intricate the design is!

Modular Pipe Organ 3

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