Spread Body Positivity in the Sims 4 with These Amazing CC Packs!

Looking to spread some body positivity through the way your sims are represented? Check out this list of body positivity CC to get started.

This preset has bonier knees and a more pronounced belly and ribcage for thinner masc-framed sims.

Skinny Male Preset By Dorkpage

A smaller body preset for masc frames that makes sims shorter as well.

Body Preset N4 By Moony-Bonbon

A bonier, petite frame for fem bodies with slightly sharper features.

Glass Body Preset By Dorkpage

More definition around the collarbone, ribs, and back for fem frames which comes in EA’s default height and a shortened version.

Cherry – Body Preset N1 By Moony-Bonbon

2 thicker body presets for masc frames, with a stockier body-builder type and a softer rounded type.

Soft Boi & Dense Boi Male Body Presets By Narci_Cism

Some thicker masc frame presets designed with realistic belly proportions as the sim gains weight.

Man Bods Presets By VibrantPixels

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