60+ Pieces Of The Best CC for Black & POC Sims

If you have been looking for more content for the Sims 4 specifically for POC sims, you’ve probably been disappointed with what the game has to offer. CC creators have stepped up and shared a variety of content to give your black sims the representation and love they deserve.

This skintone pack comes with 54 melanated non-default skintones in a range of beautiful colors.

Melanin Pack 2 By XMIRAMIRA

52 glowing skin tones based on EA’s but without the ashy grey tint to them.

Cloud Skin Tones By Disorganized

A combination of genetics & overlays to give your sims realistic vitiligo effects.

Marcus Skin VITILIGO & Set Of Genetics By Sims3melancholic

A funky set of braided locs in 9 swatches.

Rashod Twist By XxBlacksims

A braided updo that comes in 24 Maxis-match colors.

Fuchsia Hair By Joliebean

10 Sets of braids in Maxis-match colors with optional roots and ombre overlays.

Kelani Braids Set By Arethabee

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