Best 15 Rocking Panic at the Disco CC for TS4

Do you love the music of the popular band Panic at the Disco and want to bring this love into your sims game? If so, then this article about the top 15 Panic at the Disco CC for TS4 is for you.

The P!ATD Pajama Pants by LoricSimmer are a pair of comfortable sleepwear in five different colors. It’s for male and female sims from teens all the way to elders so everyone has a chance to enjoy this piece of clothing.

P!ATD Pajama Pants

The Sims 4 Kawaii Girl Tee Shirt Mod set comes with 12 t-shirts in total for kid sims. However, the one we want to focus on in this set is the Panic at the Disco one, which features the band’s name on a pale pink t-shirt.

The Sims 4 Kawaii Girl T-Shirts

Have you ever wanted the Panic At the Disco Logo on your sims wall? Well with the Panic at the Disco Logo Posters you can do just that.

Panic At The Disco Logo Posters

The Panic! At the Disco Female and Male long-sleeve shirts by Unwrittengalaxy are for both genders. It features the band name and logo written on a long-sleeved t-shirt.

Panic! At The Disco Female + Male Shirts

The Sickly Sweet Holidays Dallon Weeks Simlish Christmas Sweater by KaraStars is a great addition to any holiday sweater collection.

Dallon Weekes Simlish Christmas Sweater

As you can see in the photo, this white bridal veil is unique, and you might mistake it for anything else. But, yes, it is a veil, but it is unusual.

Band Shirts

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