70+ Ultimate Male CC Packs for the Sims 4 (2022 Roundup)

We’re pretty excited to introduce you to the 10 best CC creators with a focus on male content along with 70 incredible male CC packs that’ll lock you in CAS for many, many happy hours!

You can’t go wrong with a voluminous hairstyle like this one! It’s compatible with the base game, so all of you newcomers don’t have to worry about it not working in your game!

Calisto Hair By Wistful Castle

Next are these essential socks by CreamLatteDream, one of our top ten male cc creators! We really aren’t featuring any other socks pack on this list, but we had to with this one.

Essential Socks By CreamLatteDream

Although they don’t particularly create male-focused CC, we totally recommend browsing their page every now and then for new free CC packs!

Macro Hairstyle By Simstrouble

We haven’t showcased one, two or three of Wisftul Castle’s creations on this list… there are over 11 CC packs that are not only free to download but are incredibly necessary to, I tell you!

Male Sim Dumb By Wistful Castle

JohnnySims is another male-focused custom content creator for the Sims 4 who we dearly love! This CC pack has 6 different dreadlock hairstyles to offer us.

Wild Ride Hair Collection By JohnnySims

Sometimes I look at DaylifeSims’s creations and make up a whole new scenario for my Sims. Don’t we just love a great new variety of hairs?

Soft Cut Set: Lilac By Daylifesims

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