30 Pacifier CC for the Sims 4 (Cutest Toddler Accessories)

Do you really wish your toddler sims could use pacifiers? Well, with this list of the top 30 pacifier cc you can do just that!

The BumiBébé Round Pacifier by Scarlett Bulckowisk is number thirty on our list. They are some simple pacifiers, but there is nothing wrong with simple. It comes with 6 swatches and will do a great job of calming your toddler down.

BumiBébé Round Pacifier

The Voidcritter’s Pacifier by Simiracle is a twist on the typical pacifier. It features little animal designs on the outside, all of which are adorable and unique in their own right.

Voidcritters Pacifier

Unicorns are especially popular among toddlers and children. Sims is no exception to this rule. With this custom content, they can use their binky but also play with a plush toy at the same time.

Unicorn Plush Pacifier

The Random Pacifier by Simiracle is one that should not be judged by its name. It features thirty swatches, one of which is a heart as you can see in the image above.

Random Pacifier

The Nuk Pacifier by Simiracle has a total of twenty-four swatches. All of them feature popular cartoon characters like Tigger, Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, Eyeore, and more. This is great for those toddlers who love cartoons!

Nuk Pacifier

The Lulu Pacifier by Feyona is a flower-shaped pacifier that has 25 color options. They include muted pastels, bright colors, and metallic swatches according to the creator.

Lulu Pacifier

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