Vampire Themed Collection Set for Male and Female (Blazer/ Pants/ Eyeglasses/ Necklace/ Rings/ Long Gloves/ Earrings/ Choker/Vest with Long Sleeves/ Dress/ Tuxedo/ Heels/ Shoes) [MM]

Necklace 01 [MM]

Sultry Sergeant: Beto’s Ultimate Police Costume Set (Clothes, Ears, Jewelry & More)

Sanctus Charm: Elevate Your Style with AlphaCC Men’s Necklaces (#JewelryTrendsetter)

Lucid Adornments: Unique Piercings & Necklaces for Men (AlphaCC Collection)

Reina’s Radiance: TS4 Necktie Accents (Alpha CC Male Necklaces & Jewelry)

YakfarmCreations’ Captive Charm: Artisanal Prisoner Collar Necklaces (#AlphaCC Male Accessories)

SporkedSim’s Elegance Unleashed: Pearls for Homme & Chic RC Necklaces (#AlphaCC)

Alpha Charm: Unveiling the Allure of Men’s Necklaces (Accessories & Jewelries)

WistfulPoltergeist’s Monster’s Night (Ethereal Ensemble): Alpha Male Fashion & Accessories

Chaessi’s Charm: Exclusive Male Necklace (6) & Earring (1) Set – Sims 4 Alphas

ChaesSimShine: Dapper Male Adornments (Necklace 4 & Bracelet 1 Collection)

Gorilla Glam: Dazzling Long Scarf by [Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla] (Accessories & Jewelry)

Kiro’s Valor: Custom Military Dog Tag Necklaces (AlphaCC Pet Accessories & Jewelry)

AlphaCraft Creations: Goa-Fimo Urban Chic Necklaces (#MaleAccessories)

Chained Elegance by ForTheSimCulture: BGC Male Necklace Accessory (#AlphaCC)

Djunariii’s Bravery Emblem: Fireman Pendant Chain (AlphaCC Male Necklaces)

Darte77’s Elegance Unveiled: Cotton Scarves & AlphaCC-Inspired Jewelry Essentials

GorillaX3’s Exquisite Cross Jewelry Set (Piercings & Necklaces for Men)

Chic Connell Chain Craze: AlphaCC’s Men’s Necklaces & Trendy Accessories

ZenWave: Chillout Necklace Recolor (Trendy Male Accessories & Jewelry)

DorificSims’ Flutter Charm: Exquisite Butterfly Pendant Necklaces (Alpha CC Male Accessories)

Miniwa’s Namjoon Ensemble: Complete BTS-Inspired Fashion & Accessories

Gorilla Triple Charm: Ball Chain & Coin Necklace (AlphaCC Male Accessories)

Ashwwa Enchantment: Exquisite Choker Necklaces by Ashwwa (AlphaCC Collection)

Adorned Andrius: Vine-Inspired Male Necklaces (AlphaCC Jewelries & Accessories)

Rococo Rendezvous: Acanthus Sims’ Court Collection II (Clothes, Jewelry, Alpha CC)

Zeussim’s Charm: Exquisite Male Necklaces & Jewelry (2nd Wish for @cillaben)

Ashwwa’s Adornments: Exclusive Sims 4 Male Necklaces Collection (Oct. 2023 Alpha CC)

Zao’s Elegance Unleashed: Trendsetting Chain Chokers for Men [Accessories & Jewelry]

Sudal’s Ensemble: Ruffle Shirt & Ribbon Choker (Male Fashion & Accessories)

Glamour Gleam: Recep’s Brooch & AlphaCC Male Necklaces (SBE Exclusive)

MaoniCat’s Cosmic Collar: Stellar Star Choker for Feline Fashionistas [Accessories & Jewelry]

Dapper Dan’s Ensemble (CAS): Trendsetting Tops, Hats & Jewelry for Boys

Bongddi’s Elegance: Exquisite Pearl Chain Necklace [Alphacc Male Collection]

Bongddi’s Enchanted Adornments: Fantasy Body Chains for Alpha Males [Necklaces & Accessories]

Chic Elegance: Off-White Top AM Ensemble [Binning] – Fashion & Accessory Trends

GorillaX3’s Sideline Gear (Board Shorts & Whistle Necklace Set, Male Clothing & Accessories)

GorillaTripleStyle – Ribbed Sweater & Shirt Combo with Wallet Necklace (Male Fashion Set)

GorillaTriple-BoldBall: Mockneck Shirt & Necklace Set (Male Fashion, Tops, Jewelry, AlphaCC)

SavageSims Toxic Ensemble (Male & Female Clothes, Vests, Tops, Skirts, Watches, Necklaces)

Aristide Elegance (Male Corset Set, Skins, Hair, Pants & Accessories)

AlphaGents Treasure Trove (Pack 1 – Male Necklaces, Castles & Residential Accessories)

PlazaSims Men’s Collection 3 (AlphaCC Tops, Sets, Pants, Accessories & Jewelry for Males)

peach | inti collar & top set by kleos sims

WoosterU’s July Fashion Extravaganza (CC Dump: Outfits, Accessories, Male Tattoos & More)

KiroTech Ensemble: Alpha Male Collection (Tops, Sets, Pants, Accessories & Jewelry)

GorillaX3’s Urban Chic: Fur Blazer & Dagger Choker Set (Male Tops, Clothing Sets, Male Accessories)

SavanaclawDormGear (Uniforms, Outfits, Costume Sets, AlphaCC, Male Jewelry & Accessories)

AlphaGent September 2023 – Male Fashion & Accessories Pack (Tops, Sets, Rings, Necklaces, Residential) #AlphaCC