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Open up the cheat window and fill in the following cheatcode: objects.gsi_create_obj CODE and replace CODE with a code from the items below.

EA changed how these spawns work. They unfortunately no longer count as collected when you pick them up. The only exceptions are a couple of bugs. And the spawned herbs can be planted.


Mosquito: 0x0001074E*
Will o the wisp: 0x00010754*
Dragonfly: 0x00010756*
Dragon Dragonfly: 0x00010757*
Rainbow Firefly: 0x00010759*
Firefly: 0x00010BF9*
Bee: 0x0000FE50
Blue Morpho Butterfly: 0x0000FE52
Fire Ant: 0x0000FE4A
Jezebel Butterfly: 0x0000FE4E
Katydid: 0x0000FE37
Ladybug: 0x0000FE51
Luna Moth: 0x0000FE4F
Walking Stick: 0x0000FE59
Stink Bug: 0x0000FE4D
Termite: 0x0000FE35
Jewel Beetle: 0x0000FE58
Locust: 0x0000FE54
Mantis: 0x0000FE55
Monarch Butterfly: 0x0000FE53
Dust Spirit: 0x0000FE5C

*=These spawn as insects. The others only spawn as cages.


False Morel: 0x0001080E
Morel: 0x00010810
Toxic Chamomile: 0x0001071C
Chamomile: 0x0001025F
Poison Fireleaf: 0x00010725
Fireleaf: 0x000102A0
Elderberry: 0x00010800
Noxious Elderberry: 0x00010723
Muckleberry: 0x000107E5
Huckleberry: 0x00010804


Blue Crawdad: 0x0000FEB1
Red Crawdad: 0x0000FEB3
Yellow Perch: 0x0000FF19
Mountain Lion: 0x0000FF4A
Walleye: 0x0000FFCD