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On this page, you can find interesting mods for The Sims 4. New mods will be added as I find them.

- No Mosaic / Censor Mod Removes the blur when a Sim goes to the toilet, bath or breastfeeds.

- InTeen Romance, pregnancy and marriage for teens.

- No Highlight Removes the white line when you hover your mouse over a Sim or object.

- No jealousy No jealousy.

- Unlock All Build/Buy Content Unlocks the work related objects.

- Relationship Decay Slower relationship decay.

- Needs/Motive Decay Slower need decay.

- Weirder Walkstyles Disabled Replaces some weird walkstyles with normal ones.

- Default Grass Replacement Replaces the acid green grass with a better looking grass.

- Enable advanced debug/cheat interactions Ads menu with Testingcheat options.

- No Emotion Stingers Removes the music that plays whenever an emotion changes.

- Realistic Bills Lowers bills to a more normal number.

- Try for Baby in Larger Households Can make a baby in households of 8 or higher.

- Variable Default Relationships New families won't start by being friends, but all variable; From enemies to Best friend.

- Buff Emotion Changes Less focus on the “Uncomfortable” and “Tense” emotions.

- Teen Careers for All Ages Teen careers for all ages.

- Decorative Vehicles Cheat Adds a cheat for unlockable vehicles.

- Stuff Breaks Far Less Easily Reduces the amount of stuff breaking.

- MoveObjects on Cheat Adds the well known move objects on cheat.

- Simocide Adds a cheat to kill Sims on your lot.

- Breast Augmentation Can make bigger breasts in CAS.

- Babies For Everyone Men, same sex couples and elders can get pregnant.

- Replace Overcome Writer's Block Objective Replace the, way too hard objective Writer's block, with Reach Writing 2.