::Snooty Sims::

Note that each object can only have 1 upgrade at a time.

Handy skill Object Upgrade Result
1 Juice Keg Auto Refill Automatically refills
1 Houseboat foghorn Foghorn New foghorn interaction
3 Brain enhancing machine Tech Level 2 Adds more options to the 1.0 version
3 Cheap Dish Washer Silent Running Silences dishwasher
3 Doorbell Custom Doorbell Sound Can choose different sounds
3 Stereo Improve Speakers +10 extra mood when music is on
3 Wall speakers Improve Speaker Music can be heard in all rooms
3 Hot tub Improved Jets Different bubble effects
3 Water Trough Auto Fill Automatically refills
4 Sprinkler Auto Water Auto water
4 Stove Fireproof Never catches fire
4 Bowling alley Cosmic Bowling Bowling with neon effects
4 Houseboat engine Engine Speed Speed upgrade
5 Electro dart board Never Loses Sim who hacked it never loses again
5 Nectar Maker Improved Pressing 1 extra bottle
6 Trash Compactor Improved Crushing More capacity
6 Tattoo machine Inkinization 2.0 No more bad tattoos
6 Windmill, Solar panel More Efficient Bills are a little bit lower
6 Washing machine Clean Polymer Injection System 'fresh clothes' moodlet lasts longer
6 Styling station Look-Good Mirrors Customers are more satisfied
6 Fireplace Fireproof Never catch on fire
7 Fireplace Auto Light Starts when Sim enters room
7 Stove Improve Meal Quality Improves food quality
7 Cheap TV Boost Channel Adds more channels
7 Microwave Faster Cooking Faster cooking
7 Teleporter Perfect Teleportation Teleporter never fails
7 Fortune Cookie machine Always Good Fortune Always positive results
7 Brain enhancing machine Tech Level 3 Adds even more options to the 1.0 version
7 Umbrella Glow Umbrella glows when used
7 Houseboat helm Autopilot New auto-pilot option
7 Alien space ship Space Travel Space flight option
7 Alien space ship Laser Cannons Can attack Sims with space ship
8 Stereo Wire House with Speakers Music plays in all rooms
8 Computer Improved Graphics Makes games more fun
8 karaoke machine Singing Synthesizer Gives Sims a perfect voice
8 Showtime Dance sphere Inertial Stabilizer No more vomiting while using it
9 Food Replicator Improved Memory Can store more meals
9 Nectar Maker Flavor Enhancement Increases the value of nectar
9 Fireplace Change Fire Color Can change color of fire
10 Showtime Dance sphere Dimensional Gate Opens dimensional gate

Note: When your Sim is in the Firefighter career, you can also upgrade the fire alarm, the fire extinguisher and fire truck.