::Snooty Sims::
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Diva Sims are amazing and don’t you forget it! When they are good, they’re great, and when they are bad, they’re better!
Options Socials
- Will most likely slap Sims when being insulted.
- Will take a -30 relationship hit when having an argument with their romantic partner.
- Relationship meter rises 30% slower.
- Will get a "Well, Duh!" moodlet whenever they receive a compliment.
- A baby concieved in the Castle treehouse has 50% chance to get this trait.
- Likes to use the karaoke machine.
- Does 20% better in Singing career.
- Can request a compliment.
- Can compliment themself.
- Can talk about many accomplishments.
- Can complain about trivial things.

Social Butterfly
Social Butterfly Sims aren’t happy unless they’re socializing, and will do just about anything to be the center of attention.
Options Socials
- 25% more chance to join group conversations.
- Social need lowers faster than other Sims.
- Needs at least 3 socials a day to avoid getting the 'It's like I'm invisible' moodlet.
- Does 20% better performing magic.
- Does 10% better in Singing career.
- Get extra points in Aptitude test for Communication major.

Natural Born Performer
Natural Born Performer Sims are most comfortable on a stage, and never happier than when they are in front of an audience.
Options Socials
- 25% less chance to fail on stage.
- There's a 50% chance to get the 'Born to do this' moodlet.
- Performs 30% better on stage.
- DJ skill rises 20% faster.
- Karaoke skill rises 50% faster.
- Does 30% better performing magic.
- Can do the "TaaDaa!" self interaction.