::Snooty Sims::

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Late Night

Shy Sims will never approach anyone that isn't a friend and tend to stick to their rooms if they are able. They are also uncomfortable around large crowds of people.
Options Socials
- Won't approach Sims that aren't friends.
- 15% slower friendship gain with non-friends.
- Prefer to stay in their own room.
- Avoid crowded places.
- Get a big moodboost when they're among friends.
- They can skinny dip, but will leave the water right after getting in.
- 10% less chance to be Accused of Cheating.
- Will Freakout from Bonehilda.
- Will give a 'Shy kiss' in the kissing booth.
- Gets the -30 Feeling Naked on the Inside moodlet when posing nude.

Star Quality
Sims who have Star Quality are destined to be in the spotlight. They have an easier time befriending Celebrities and climbing the ladder to stardom.
Options Socials
- 20% Easier to impress celebrities.
- Can 'Name drop' to celebrities earlier than other Sims.
- Get more celebrity points when they get a celebrity friend.
- Bigger chance to get free objects when achieving celebrity status.

Vehicle Enthusiast
Vehicle enthusiasts enjoy the craftsmanship of a fine ride and know the value of a dependable vehicle. Their relationship with their vehicles is a special one.
Options Socials
- Will automatically name their car.
- Needs to drive 7.5 times less in their car, to start getting a relationship with it.
- Will gain relationship with their car 50% faster.
- Relationship with car will drop 50% slower.
- They get a mood boost when they drive in their car.