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Born Salesperson
Not only do Born Salespeople often sell their wares for more money than other Sims, they know the importance of a good reputation and can quickly build one at the consignment store.
Options Socials
- Get 20% more for items when you sell them in the Consignment Store.
- When selling items, you build reputation 15% faster.
- Items can be 50% lower in quality and still get positive feedback.
- Get extra points in Aptitude test for Business major.

Everyday situations in life deeply stir the imagination, emotions, and reactions of Dramatic Sims.
Options Socials
- Get big mood boosts with positive events.
- Acts violent when insulted.
- Will Whine and get mood hits when they do boring things like cleaning.
- There's a 60% chance they will cry when they get a promotion.
- Can Fake Passing Out.
- Can Whine about Life.
- Can Tell Dramatic Story.

Eccentric Sims have a natural ability when it comes to inventing crazy gizmos and whachamacalits.
Options Socials
- Develops Inventing skill 20% faster than other Sims.
- They learn blueprints for inventions sooner.
- 15% chance to make an improved widget.
- Creates inventions 15% faster.
- A baby concieved in the Space treehouse has 50% chance to get this trait.
- Get extra points in Aptitude test for Technology major.

Eco-Friendly Sims prefer a lifestyle of energy conservation, recycling and sustainable eating.
Options Socials
- Gets unique positive moodlets for carpooling, gardening and using eco-friendly appliances.
- Gets negative unique moodlets for using cars and eco-unfriendly appliances.
- Prefers to choose a bike over a car.
- Can take a quick shower.
- Can Talk about recycling.
- Can Talk about going green.
- Can Talk about composting.
- Can Talk about renewable energy.

Perceptive Sims make keen Investigators. Their ability to investigate and stakeout potential criminals is bar none.
Options Socials
- Earns more for Investigator assignments.
- Learns Logic 20% faster.
- Learns traits of other Sims 35% faster.
- Encounters crimes 10% faster on stakeouts.
- 5% less chance to fail at a stakeout.
- Gets 30% more career XP from opportunities.
- Get extra points in Aptitude test for Science and Medicine major.

Savvy Sculptor
Savvy Sculptors know the ins and outs of sculpting masterpieces. These Sims never fail at making the best sculptors.
Options Socials
- Learns Sculpting 25% faster than other Sims.
- Can make unique sculptures.
- Never shatter or decapitate a sculpture.
- Can Talk about sculpting.