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World Adventures

Adventurous Sims enjoy traveling and exploration more than other Sims, are able to go on new trips sooner, and improve their Visa levels more quickly.
Options Socials
- Gets an "Adventuring" moodlet when they travel and adventuring in a tomb.
- Can travel to another trip sooner than other Sims.
- Gains Visa levels 20% faster than other Sims.
- Will take longer to get "Stir Crazy" moodlet.
- Will have more wishes while adventuring in a tomb than other Sims.
- Are not afraid of traps in tombs.
- A baby concieved in the Club treehouse has 50% chance to get this trait.
- Gets the +40 Exhibitionist moodlet when posing nude.
- Has the No Fear animation using the poolslide.

Disciplined Sims do not fool around. They have the dedication and perseverance to become the best martial artists in town.
Options Socials
- Learns the Martial art skill faster than other Sims.
- Has a better chance of beating competitors when sparring.
- Can break boards at a lower Martial Arts skill level.
- Gains fun from doing Martial Arts interactions.
- Is a little bit better in Darts.
- Don't like playing video or computer games.
- 50% more chance to win the Gnub game.

Photographer's Eye
Sims with the Photographer's Eye naturally learn photography more quickly than other Sims and tend to earn more Simoleons for the photos they take!
Options Socials
- Photographs are worth 25% more.
- Improves their photography skill 25% faster.
- Can Talk about photography
- Can Talk about cameras.
- Can Reminisce about Film.
- Can Rant about dark rooms.
- Can Discuss SLR cameras.