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Into the Future

Bot Fan
The boom in Bot technology has left many Sims fascinated and intrigued by these complex machines. While many Sims are at home with their organic bodies, some would prefer to be a Bot instead.
Options Socials
- 25% less chance to fail creating a chip from nanites.
- Builds Botbuilding Skill 15% faster.
- 10% more success discovering a new trait chip while researching.
- May dress up in a bot costume.
- 50% faster relationship gain with a bot.

When a pile of disjointed components rattle around a Sim's head, they tend to be called "Unstable." Their traits are in a constant unpredictable flux and delusional episodes are just around the corner.
Options Socials
- Will get the -20 Out of Sorts moodlet after sleeping for at least 1 hour.
- Has 50% chance to get the Unstable moodlet when passing through the time portal.
- Likes to use the Meteor magnet more than other Sims.
- There's a chance your Traits will permanantly change.