::Snooty Sims::
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Island Paradise

Loves to swim
These Sims are like fish in the sea and gain a special joy being in the water.
Options Socials
- Gets a mood boost when they're in the water.
- Builds Scuba Diving Skill 15% faster.
- Can swim 50% longer before getting tired.
- 30% more chance to win fighting a shark.

Sailors love the open sea and would much rather be on a boat than on land. Their aquatic experience means they are better at catching fish and are less likely to get seasick.
Options Socials
- Gets a moodboost when they're on a boat.
- Has more luck fishing from a boat.
- 30% less chance to get seasick.
- A baby concieved on a boat has 30% chance to get this trait.
- There is a 50% chance that the Kraken will not attack your boat (for non-sailors this is only 30%).