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University Life

Avante Garde
Avant Garde Sims know what's art and what's not, and don't mind letting others know. It's tough to please an Avant Garde type!
Options Socials
- Increases their Street Art skill 15% faster.
- Paintings and Sculptures will be worth more.
- Can write Poetry at Writing 2 and Satire at Writing 4.
- Can give 'Critique' to any piece of art.
- 5% more chance to create a Street Art masterwork.
- Get extra points in Aptitude test for Fine Arts major.
- Can Accuse of being a sellout.
- Can Condescend the mainstream.
- Can Describe radical idea.
- Can Enthuse about obscure music.

Irresistible Sims are quite charming, although often times they might get more than they asked for! Dates will be easy to find and others will flock to socialize with them, because they're just so irresistible!
Options Socials
- Will gain relationship with others faster.
- Will rarely have favors or dates rejected.
- Other Sims will want to socialize with your Sim more often.
- Get extra points in Aptitude test for Communication major.
- Can Wink.
- Can Talk about being irresistible.
- Can Blow a kiss.
- Can Boast about good looks.

Socially Awkward
Socially Awkward Sims try to fit in, but sometimes say the wrong thing at the wrong time. It's not easy being Socially Awkward, but it sure is awkward!
Options Socials
- Learn Science skill 15% faster.
- Occasionally gets the -5 'Foot in Mouth' moodlet after a conversation.
- Gets the -30 Feeling Naked on the Inside moodlet when posing nude.
- Get extra points in Aptitude test for Science and Medicine major.