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Brooding Sims often can't help themselves from contemplating the riddles, mystery, and meaning of life. Sometimes the weight of these incredibly deep thoughts can become a distraction, and can actually slow down the creative process slightly.
Options Socials
- Learns Painting, Cooking, and Writing skills 10% slower.
- Will get the "Misunderstood" moodlet after arguing with another Sim.
- Social need will take a big hit when losing a friend.
- Taking a shower will take 50% longer than other Sims.
- Can write Poetry genre without needing Writing 7.
- Can Consider the Hollowness of Life.
- Can Contemplate the Meaning of Meaning.
- Can talk about feelings.
- Can 'Contemplate about the deceased' on a grave.

If you can pick it, plant it, or catch it, then a Gatherer is the right Sim for the job. Gatherers are especially talented at finding ingredients out in the world, and they produce the finest crops. They even achieve better results when working with rare materials like ore and gemstones!
Options Socials
- 10% more chance to catch an insect.
- Insects are 5% higher in value.
- Planted seeds give higher quality crops.
- Crops will have more harvestables.
- Smelted ore and cut gems are 5% more valuable.
- Analyzed space rocks are 10% more valuable.
- The spawntime of collectables is 20% faster.
- Get more gem dust when using the gem-cutting machine.
- Werewolf hunted objects are worth 5% more.

Night Owl
Some Sims love the night life and occasionally feel the need to boogie. They are called Night Owls. While Night Owls might come alive at night, do not even bother getting them out of bed before 10:00AM.
Options Socials
- Will find several activities much more fun when it is late at night.
- Their mood will suffer if they are awake too early in the morning.
- Their mood will benefit by staying up late.
- Can Ask how late Sim stayed up.
- Can Complain about sleep deprivation.
- Can Enthuse about sleeping in.

Proper etiquette has quite become a thing of the past. Luckily, Proper Sims still remember the old ways and conduct themselves by a code of honor. Or at least a code of nice manners...
Options Socials
- Is more deeply affected by Nicely Decorated surroundings.
- Two Proper Sims will bow to eachother before dancing.
- Will bow to another Sim before letting him into the house.
- Cannot fight a burglar, even if they have the Brave trait.
- Werewolves will scratch furniture a lot less.
- Gets the -30 Feeling Naked on the Inside moodlet when posing nude.
- Can Accuse of impropriety.
- Can Compliment propriety.
- Can Quip a witticism.
- Can Discuss matters of etiquette.

Supernatural Fan
Supernatural Fans love everything having to do with Supernatural Sims, be they vampires or werewolves or witches or whatever! They like to hang out where Supernatural Sims hang out, and they always have something special to say when meeting a Supernatural Sim face-to-face.
Options Socials
- Learn the Alchemy skill 50% faster.
- 20% more chance to discover a new alchemy recipe.
- They can write Horror at level 2 instead of level 4.
- Will get the "Lunacy" moodlet during a full moon.
- Has special social options with each Supernatural type of Sim.
- Can Talk about the supernatural.

Supernatural Skeptic
There's a world of magic and unexplainable wonders out there, and Supernatural Skeptics don't care for any of it. That stuff might be exciting for some, but Supernatural Skeptics prefer the security and comfort of normality.
Options Socials
- Performs better in the Business, Political, Law Enforcement, and Journalism careers.
- Learns the Alchemy skill 10% slower.
- Does not like being around Supernatural Sims, or even Supernatural Fans.
- 10% slower Spellcasting skill.
- More chance to fail using a wand.
- More chance to fail making a potion.
- 35% more chance to get frustrated while researching alchemy.
- Will Freakout from Bonehilda.
- Can Appreciate the ordinary.
- Can Brag about freedom.
- Can Complain about Fairies/Unicorns/Vampires/Werewolves.
- Can Complain about the supernatural.
- Can Enthuse about appliances breaking.
- Can Enthuse about garlic.
- Can Enthuse about real friends.
- Can Enthuse about stealing mummy's treasure.
- Can Enthuse about Witch hunts.
- Can Express disbelief in Fairies.