::Snooty Sims::

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skill Gardening Guitar Handy Logic
1 Learn 2 new songs
2 Get 'Weed' interaction Learn 2 new songs
3 Get 'Fertilize' interaction Learn 2 new songs Self-cleaning upgrade Can search galaxy with telescope
4 Learn 2 new songs
5 Can plant uncommon seeds Learn 3 new songs
Get 'perform' interaction
- Can tutor children/teens
- Can talk about celestial objects
6 Can revive dying plants Learn 1 new song Unbreakable upgrade
7 Can plant rare seeds Learn 1 new song
8 Get opportunity from bistro Learn 1 new song
9 Get opportunity from bistro Learn 1 new song
10 Get opportunity from bistro Learn 1 new song 25% cheaper objects Can tutor adults and elders

For more info on Handy skill, check the Upgrade infopage.

skill Painting Writing Athletic Charisma
1 Can write Fiction/Non-Fiction - Don't Break a Sweat: Work out without losing hygiene.
- Can jog
- Can give Friendly greet.
- Can give Charming Introduction
2 Can write Trashy novel Can give Amusing Greet
3 Can write Drama/Childrens book* - Good Pace: Work out longer before getting tired.
- Get "Pumped Up" moodlet
- Can give Interesting Greet.
- Obtain "Get to Know" social (for learning traits)
4 Can give Flirty Greet
5 - Get 'Practice' interaction.
- Can paint Still-Life
Can write Humor - Push Yourself: Work out longer, but get sore faster.
- Can run faster
- Can give Affectionate Greet.
- "Smooth Recovery" social
6 Can paint a 'Brilliant' painting Can write Historical Can train another Sim Can give Funny Greet
7 Can paint Portrait Quick Burst: Can work out faster but is fatigued sooner Can give Impressive Greet
8 Can paint Memorized scene Can write Mystery Can give Hilarious Greet
9 Can create a 'Masterpiece' Can give Loving Greet
10 Can write Romance Can give Irresistible Greet
*Must also have level 6 of painting skill.
Note: Good sense of Humor sims can write Humor at level 2. Romantic sims can write Romance at level 5.

skill Martial Arts Photography Mixology Piano, Drums, Bass
1 Can spar Can practice making drinks at a bar Learn 2 basic new songs
2 Can break Foam board Can take Black & White photos Can serve drinks at low-class bars Learn 2 basic new songs
3 Can break Balsa wood board Can make Party mood drinks Learn 2 basic new songs
4 Can enter tournaments, Can break Oak board Can take Sepiatone photos Can make Skill-gain drinks Learn 2 basic new songs
5 Can meditate Can make Romantic mood drinks Learn 3 new compositions, can serenade
6 Can break thin stone block Can try to make new drinks, can rename drinks Learn 1 new composition, get Sweet Move interaction
7 Can serve drinks at high-class bars Learn 1 new composition
8 Can take Classic Vignette photos Learn 1 new composition
9 Can break space rock Can make Crazy mood drinks Learn 1 new composition
10 Can take Panorama photos Can rename drinks after certain Sims Learn 1 new composition