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All traits for the Plumbots.

Icon Botbuilding skill Trait Description
1 Competent Cleaner Can clean up your house
2 HandiBot Can repair items
2 A.I. Angler Can fish
3 Fear of Humans Has the ability to fear Sims
3 Steel Chef Can make dinner
4 RoboNanny Can take care of children/toddlers
4 Friendly Functions Unlocks Socialization.
5 Sense of Humor Activates the fun meter
5 Sinister Circuits Can do mean interactions
6 Many Moods Gives it interactions to affect the mood of Sims
6 Musical Machine Can make music
6 Office Drone Can take a job
7 Robotany Gardner Can garden
7 Solar Powered Can charge itself up in the sun
7 Capacity to Love Opens up the ability to love
8 Limitless Learning Can learn skills
8 Simulated Emotions Activates the social and mood meters
8 Algorithmic Artist Can paint
9 Holo Projector Can Sims use to contact friends in the future or past
9 Efficient Power depletes slower
10 Sentience Can act more human-like