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Lifetime Wishes

Below all Lifetime wishes. Completing this wish will grant your Sims with around 30.000 Lifetime points, to be spent on Lifetime Rewards.

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World Adventures
Icon Lifetime Wish Requirement
Bottomless Nectar Cellar Have a collection of at least 50 Nectar bottles worth §10,000
Great Explorer Explore 6 tombs in each country
Martial Arts Master Max Martial Arts skill and get Grand Master Rank
Physical Perfection Max Martial Arts and Athletics skill
Private Museum Have a relic collection of at least §20,000
Seasoned Traveler Max Visa level for all 3 countries
Visionary Max painting and photography skill
World-Class Gallery Have a collection of photos of at least §25,000 and at least 10 photos from each country

Icon Lifetime Wish Requirement
Descendant of da Vinci Max painting, Sculpting and inventing skill
Fashion Phenomenon Reach level 10 of Stylist career
Firefighter Super Hero Save 30 lives from fire on jobhours
Home Design Hotshot Earn 100 top scores in the Architectural career
Monster Maker Create 3 monsters
Paranormal Profiteer Reach level 10 of Ghosthunter career
Pervasive Private Eye Solve 35 cases
Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law Steal §50,000 in objects from other Sims

Late Night
Icon Lifetime Wish Requirement
Distinguished Director Reach level 10 of Film-Directing career
Superstar Actor Reach level 10 of Film-Acting career
One Sim Band Max Guitar, Bass, Drum and Piano skill
Master Mixologist Max Mixology skill, own a bar
Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous Max celebrity level, own 100.000,-
Master Romancer Woohoo in 5 different places with 5 different Sims

Icon Lifetime Wish Requirement
The Animal Rescuer Adopt 6 strays
The Ark Builder Have 2: cats, dogs, horses, birds, lizards, turtles, rodents, snakes, butterflies, and beetles
The Canine Companion Become friends with 15 dogs
The Cat Herder Become friends with 15 cats
The Fairy Tale Finder Adopt a unicorn
The Jockey Reach level 10 of Riding skill and earn §40,000 simoleons using your horse
The Zoologist Collect 20 pets in the wild

Icon Lifetime Wish Requirement
Master Acrobat Reach level 10 of the Acrobat career
Master Magician Reach level 10 of the Magician career
Vocal Legend Reach level 10 of the Singer career

Icon Lifetime Wish Requirement
Alchemy Artisan Max Alchemy skill
Use 50 elixers
Celebrity Psychic Reach level 10 of the Fortune Teller-Scam artist career
Greener Gardens Max Gardening skill
Use the Bloom trick on 100 plants
Leader of the Pack Turn 5 Sims into Werewolves
Gather 40k worth of stuff while hunting in a pack
Magic Makeover Max Charisma skill
Use the Inner Beauty trick on 12 different Sims
Master of Mysticism Reach level 10 of the Fortune Teller-Mystic career
Mystic Healer Use the Sunlight spell on 12 different Sims
Turn the Town Turn 5 Sims into Vampires
Drink from 20 Sims
Zombie Master Use the Reanimation Ritual spell on 10 different Sims

University Life
Icon Lifetime Wish Requirement
Blog Artist Max Social Networking skill
Create a Five Star blog
Major Master Earn 3 degrees
Perfect Student Earn a university degree with a perfect GPA
Reach Max Influence with All Social Groups Reach max influence with all social groups
Scientific Specialist Max Science skill
Reach level 10 in any Scientific, Medical, or Business Career
Street Credible Max Street Art skill
Create 7 masterpiece murals

Island Paradise
Icon Lifetime Wish Requirement
Deep Sea Diver Max Diving skill
Earn 40k from diving collectables
Grand Explorer Claim all uncharted islands
Resort Empire Own a five star resort
Make 40k in resort profit
Seaside Savior Rescue 50 Sims as a lifeguard

Into the Future
Icon Lifetime Wish Requirement
High Tech Collector Max Advanced Technology skill
Own a hover board, dream pod, food synthesizer, holo disc, and jet pack
More than a Machine Max Bot Building skill
Give a Plumbot Sentience
Made the Most of my Time Experience all alternate futures
Be honored with a legacy statue