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Lifetime Wishes

Below all Lifetime wishes. Completing this wish will grant your Sims with around 30.000 Lifetime points, to be spent on Lifetime Rewards.

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Icon Lifetime Wish Requirement
Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder Reach level 9 of Science career
Become a Superstar Athlete Reach level 9 of Sport career
Become a Master Thief Reach level 10 of Criminal-Thief career
Become an Astronaut Reach level 10 of Army career
Celebrated Five-Star Chef Reach level 10 of Culinary career
CEO of a Mega-Corporation Reach level 10 of Business career
Chess Legend Max Logic skill, Max chess skill
Dynamic DNA Profiler Reach level 10 of Law-Forensic career
Gold Digger See the ghost of your rich widow
Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers Max Charisma, Max Guitar skill
Heartbreaker Be a (girl)friend of 10 different Sims
Hit Movie Composer Reach level 10 of Music-Classic career
Illustrious Author Max Writing skill, Max Painting skill
International Super Spy Reach level 10 of Law-Spy career
Jack of All Trades Reach level 5 in four different careers
Leader of the Free World Reach level 10 of Politics career
Living in the Lap of Luxury Get a family capital of 100.000,-
Master of the Arts Max Painting skill, Max Guitar skill
Perfect Mind, Perfect Body Max Logic, Reach level 10 in Sport career
Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium Get 13 different kinds of perfect fish
Professional Author Earn 4.000 per week on royalties
Renaissance Sim Max 3 different skills
Rock Star Reach level 10 of Music-Rock career
Ruler of Evil Reach level 10 of Criminal-Evil career
Star News Anchor Reach level 10 of Journalism career
Super Popular Get 20 friends
Surrounded by Family Raise 5 babies to teens
Swimming in Cash Get a family capital of 50.000,-
The Culinary Librarian Learn all recipies
The Perfect Garden Grow 8 different kinds of perfect plants
The Tinkerer Max Tinkering skill, Max Logic
World Renowned Surgeon Reach level 10 of Medical career