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Lifetime Rewards

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1, 2
Icon Reward Points Result
Engaging 10.000 The crowd likes your performance more
That Was Deliberate 15.000 Crowd doesn't mind your mistakes on stage
Perfect Host 20.000 More money and Lifetime happiness points for hosting someone through SimPort
Fearless Voyager 20.000 More money and Lifetime happiness points for using your Sim through SimPort
ExtraordinAIRe-Inator 20.000 Get a positive moodlet by meditating in front of this object
Born to Cook 20.000 Better quality meals
Dusty Old Lamp 30.000 Get a genie

Icon Reward Points Result
Flying Vacuum 10.000 Get a flying vacuum cleaner. Also increases Broom riding skill
Alpha Dog 20.000 Werewolves get a 'Terrifying Howl', which is guaranteed to frighten. Also, Sims will always turn into a werewolf when bitten
Magic Hands 20.000 Instead of a wand, Sims will use their hands. Also, more success with spells
Immortal 30.000 Vampires stop aging. Also, no negative moodlets during daytime
King/Queen of the Fae 30.000 Fairies can change the color/shape of their wings. Also, can summon fairy friends
Philosopher's Stone 40.000 Turn any inventory item into a Gold ingot. There is a chance you lose the item or the Sim may even die using it

Icon Reward Points Result
Competitive Eater 5.000 Never feel nauseous or stuffed in eating contest
Festival Frequenter 5.000 Earn more festival tickets and receive discounts on concession stands, face painting booths, and kissing booths
Simmunity 7.500 No longer get nauseous, sick and allergies
All Weather Champion 10.000 Max the hidden skills Snowboarding, Skating, Horseshoes and snowball/water balloon fighting
Immune To Cold 10.000 Will never freeze to death
Immune To Heat 10.000 Will never get burnt
The Cloud-inator 9000 30.000 An object which you can use to spawn a raincloud over another Sim
Climatron Control Unit 40.000 An object which you can use to change the weather in the neighbourhood.

University Life
Icon Reward Points Result
Jock Influence 2.000 Get some extra Jock influence.
Nerd Influence 2.000 Get some extra Nerd influence.
Rebel Influence 2.000 Get some extra Rebel influence.
Honorary Degree 50.000 Recieve an honarary university degree.

Island Paradise
Icon Reward Points Result
Strong Stomach 2.000 No longer get seasick or nausea.
Permanent Mermaid 5.000 Will no longer return to normal and no more salt water moodlets
Lungs of Steel 15.000 Will never run out of air while diving
Hotel Mogul 15.000 50% more income from your resort
Mermadic Kelp 25.000 Temporarily turn into a mermaid while using
Uncharted Island Map 25.000 Reveals hidden islands
Friend of the Kraken 30.000 No more Kraken attacks AND can give it orders

Into the Future
Icon Reward Points Result
Portal Immunity 5.000 No more sickness when using the time portal
Future Sim 10.000 New look for your Mobile phone
Trait Chip Bundle 10.000 Gives a few free chips
Maintenance Master 15.000 Plumbots no longer need maintenance
Time Remote Control 30.000 Can choose between the 3 different futures