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Lifetime Rewards

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World Adventures
Icon Reward Points Result
Inappropriate but in a Good Way 5.000 Other Sims don't mind if you are inappropriate
Jetsetter 5.000 Cheaper travel prices
Eye Candy 5.000 Sims around you get a mood boost
Change of Taste 5.000 Can change Favorites (color, music, food)
Prepared Traveler 10.000 Can take vacation 3 days longer
No Jealousy 10.000 Other Sims won't get jealous at you (for ex.when flirting)
Stone Hearted 10.000 No mood loss when friends/family dies or break ups
No Bills Ever 15.000 No more bills
Learned Relic Hunter 15.000 Found relics are higher in value
Carefree 20.000 Fun raises 25% faster
Meditative Trance Sleep 30.000 Energy raises 20% faster when sleeping

Icon Reward Points Result
Efficient Inventor 10.000 Less scrap needed for inventions
Entrepreneurial Mindset 10.000 Job experience rises faster
Professional Simoleon Booster 10.000 Higher salary
Suave Seller 15.000 More money for selling items at store
Artisan Crafter 20.000 Created sculptures and inventions have a higher value
Fireproof Homestead 30.000 No more fires in your house
My Best Friend 40.000 Free SimBot with Best Friend relationship

Late Night
Icon Reward Points Result
The Hustler 5.000 Win more often with bar games like darts and shuffleboard
Water Hole Regular 7.500 Cheaper drinks and food in bars
Next Big Thing 10.000 Earn more money with your musicband
Excellent Groupie 10.000 Be more succesful when going out with a group
Better Mixologist 15.000 Make higher quality drinks
Master of Seduction 15.000 Romantic socials are never rejected
Always on the List 17.500 Get access to any bar
Map to the Stars 20.000 Shows the location of celebrities on the map

Icon Reward Points Result
Hover bed 20.000 Recieve a hover bed in your family inventory.
Super Nanny 25.000 Kids will be less likely to disobey and be easier to keep happy.
Clean Slate 25.000 Removes your bad (and good) romantic reputation.
Inheritance 30.000 Recieve around 35.000 simoleans.
Above reproach 35.000 Bad romantic reputation will be gained much slower.
Motive mobile 45.000 Fills up your needs while driving!
Clone voucher 45.000 Get a child-aged clone of yourself.
Age Freeze Potion 65.000 Sim will stop aging (can still use birthday cake to go to the next age).
Young Again Potion 70.000 Young adult to elder will return to the start of Young adult.

Icon Reward Points Result
Raised by Wolves 15.000 Social need rises faster when interacting with animals
Animal Expert 25.000 Your Sims' pets live longer