::Snooty Sims::
Lifetime Rewards

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Icon Reward Points Result
Complimentary Entertainment 5.000 Free Theater visits
Discount Diner 5.000 Cheaper food
Fast Metabolism 5.000 Don't get fat through eating
Legendary Host 5.000 Everybody at your parties have a great time
Observant 5.000 Learn traits from other Sims faster
Office Hero 5.000 Better relations at work with colleagues
Professional Slacker 5.000 Picking 'slacker' options from joblist does not decrease jobperformance
Speedy Cleaner 5.000 Clean up twice as fast
Bookshop Bargainer 10.000 Cheaper books
Change Lifetime Wish 10.000 Can change Lifetime wish
Fertility Treatment 10.000 More chance of twins and triplets
Multi-Tasker 10.000 Become better at your job/homework
Never Dull 10.000 Sims always find your jokes funny and conversations interesting
Opportunistic 10.000 Bigger rewards for opportunities
Steel Bladder 10.000 Never have to pee again
Attractive 15.000 Other Sims will like you more
Fast learner 15.000 Speeds up learning
Haggler 15.000 Pay less for items
Vacationer 15.000 Can take vacationdays off without penalty
Dirt Defiant 15.000 Low personal hygiene does not bother you anymore
Long Distance Friend 20.000 Friends relations no longer decay
Mid-Life crisis 20.000 Can change your Traits
Super Green Thumb 20.000 Grow superiour vegetables
Hardly Hungry 25.000 Hunger need decays slower
Body Sculptor 30.000 Get object to change bodytype
Extra Creative 30.000 More money for your paintings
Great Author 30.000 Earn more on royalties
Collection Helper 40.000 Set to a specific item (seeds,gems,etc) and check the Nhood
Food Replicator 50.000 Object to prepare food instantly
Mood Modifier 60.000 Can use on another Sim to change their motives
Teleportation pad 75.000 Can teleport to anywhere within the neighbourhood