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Besides the normal skills like Gardening, Cooking, etc, there are quite a few hidden skills as well. These skills also have levels with their own benefits. The difference is that you cannot check at which level your sim is.
With the following mod, you can show all hidden skills, their level and alter them: linna.modthesims.info

Skill Expansion Description
Chess Win more games of chess
Hacking Easier to hack pc's
Solo dancing Better dance moves
Homework Increases school performance
Videogame Better chance of winning games on game consoles
Mooch Recieve larger amounts
Foosball Better chance of winning with the foosball table
Snake charming WA Sim is better at charming snakes and they're less likely to bite you
Tattoo AMB Greater succes with making tattoos and bigger pay-offs
Consignment AMB More money from sold items and bigger discounts
Styling AMB Better at stylist jobs
Trampoline AMB Sim can jump higher, falls less and uses more acrobatic moves
Gnubb AMB More chance of victory in a Gnubb game
Arcade Machine LN Get more fun with playing the arcade
Shuffleboard LN Bigger relationship boost
Darts LN Bigger relationship boost
Bubble bar LN Get more bubbles and different shapes
Bar dancing LN More fun and bigger relationship boost

Note: There is also a hidden Air Guitar skill, but a mod is required to unlock it and at this moment, there is no updated air guitar mod.