::Snooty Sims::

Here's how to overcome the bug where you are unable to place Late Night community buildings in other neighborhoods.

First go to the Bridgeport city. Choose to 'Edit Town' and click on a community building. In this example I took the Grind bar.
Choose to change the type of lot, and change it into Residential. You will get a warning that some objects will be removed as they're not suitable for a residential building. Oh well, too bad then.
Next, Choose to 'Save a Copy to the Library'.


Now go to the main menu and don't save.
Pick a neighborhood, go to "Edit Town" and choose "Show Empty Houses". There you will find the bar. Place it somewhere, then change the lot type to Community- Dive bar. Ofcourse change it to something else if you picked a Vampire bar, etc.


That's it! You got a fully working bar in your town including staff. You may need to use the Buydebug cheat to add some missing items that got lost in the transfer.

There's one other thing; The film set. You cannot move the Film set this way, it just won't work. The only way is to remove the Science building and then you can move the original Film set in its place.