::Snooty Sims::

Below, screens of all ghost types. Under that, a description of each ghost type.

Old age Drowning Starvation Electrocution Burned Mummy's curse Meteor

Watery grave Buried alive Transmuted Haunted curse Jelly bean Frozen Blunt force

Ranting Shark Scuba diving Dehydrated Time anamoly Fall from sky Future urn

Ways to die How
Old age When a sim reaches the end of his life
Drowning When the timer of the 'Fatiqued' moodlet ends while swimming
Starvation When the timer of the 'Starved' moodlet ends
Electrocution Can occor when a sim repairs an electrical object
Burning When a sim stands too close to a fire
Mummy curse When the 'Mummy's Curse' is not treated on time
Meteorite When a meteorite falls on a sim
Watery grave When a Magician fails the Watery Grave trick
Buried alive When a Magician fails the buried alive trick
Transmuted May happen while using the Philosopher's Stone lifetime reward
Haunted curse When a witch uses the Haunted Curse spell and it backfires
Jelly bean May happen while eating a magic jelly bean
Frozen When the Sim is outside in the snow for too long
Blunt force trauma When the sim is crushed by a vendingmachine or murpy bed
Ranting Death may show up when ranting against death
Shark When the Sim is attacked by a shark
Scuba diving When the Sim drowns while scuba diving
Dehydrated When a mermaid gets dehydrated
Time anamoly When Time Paradox sickness isn't cured in time
Fall from the sky When the jetpack fails
Future urnstone hologram Not a ghost type; It's a future-urnstone holographic, but you can still use this 'ghost'type in CAS.