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Below, traits that clash with other traits. * means it's also vice verca (Good rules out Evil, Evil rules out Good, etc.).

Trait Rules out
Absent Minded* Perceptive
Animal Lover Cat Person, Dog Person, Equestrian
Artistic Can't stand art
Athletic Couch Potato
Avant Garde Can't stand art, Easily Impressed
Brave Coward, Loser
Brooding Exitable
Can't stand art Artistic, Avant Garde, Easily Impressed, Savvy Sculptor
Cat Person Animal Lover, Dog Person, Equestrian
Charismatic Loser, Socially Awkward
Childish Dislikes Children
Clumsy Natural Born Performer
Commitment Isues* Hopeless Romantic
Computer Whiz Technophobe
Couch Potato Athletic, Disciplined, Technophobe
Coward Brave, Daredevil, Natural Born Performer, Supernatural Fan
Daredevil Coward
Disciplined Couch Potato
Dislikes Children Childish, Family Orientated, Nurturing
Dog Person Animal Lover, Cat Person, Equestrian
Easily Impressed Avant Garde, Can't Stand Art, Snob
Eco-Friendly Hates the Outdoors
Equestrian Animal Lover, Cat Person, Dog Person
Evil* Good
Exitable Brooding, Grumpy
Family Orientated Dislikes Children
Flirty Shy, Unflirty
Friendly* Mean Spirited
Good Sense of Humor* No Sense of Humor
Grumpy Exitable, Hot-Headed
Hates the Outdoors Eco-friendly, Loves the Outdoors
Heavy Sleeper* Light Sleeper
Hot Headed Grumpy
Inappropriate Proper
Loner Party Animal, Social Butterfly
Loser Brave, Charismatic
Loves the Heat* Loves the Cold
Loves the Outdoors Hates the Outdoors
Lucky* Unlucky
Natural Born Performer Clumsy, Coward
Neat Slob
Nurturing Dislikes Children
Party Animal Loner, Shy
Proper Inappropriate, Slob
Rebellious* Schmoozer
Savvy Sculptor Can't stand art
Shy Flirty, Party Animal, Social Butterfly
Slob Neat, Proper
Snob Easily Impressed
Social Butterfly Loner, Shy
Socially Awkward Charismatic
Supernatural Fan Coward, Supernatural Skeptic
Supernatural Skeptic Supernatural Fan
Technophobe Computer Whiz, Couch Potato
Unflirty Flirty