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Pic Name Rarity Value
Moth Common §5,-
Monarch Butterfly Common §10,-
Zephyr Metalmark Butterfly Common §25,-
Red Admiral Butterfly Common §35,-
Mission Blue Butterfly Uncommon §50,-
Green Swallowtail Butterfly Uncommon §90,-
Royal Purple Butterfly Uncommon §150,-
Silver-spotted Skipper Butterfly Rare §325,-
Zebra Butterfly Rare §650,-
Rainbow Butterfly Extraordinarily rare §1080,-

World Adventures
Pic Name Rarity Value
Crypt Moth* Uncommon §65,-
Cleopatra* Extraordinarily rare §1200,-
Bamboo Straight Swift Butterfly** Common §20,-
Yellow Band Dart Butterfly** Rare §430,-
Two-Tailed Pasha Butterfly*** Uncommon §110,-
Glowy Fly*** Extraordinarily rare §1500,-

*Only in Egypt - **Only in China - ***Only in France.

Late Night
Pic Name Rarity Value
Green Will-O'-The-Wisp Uncommon §80,-
Blue Will-O'-The-Wisp Rare §250,-
Pink Will-O'-The-Wisp Extraordinarily rare §820,-

Note that the Will-O'-The-Wisp only comes out after sunset. Same goes for the Fireflies below.
Pic Name Rarity Value
Firefly albus Common §7,-
Firefly fulvus Common §7,-
Firefly pratinus Common §11,-
Firefly luteus Common §15,-
Firefly caeruleus Uncommon §60,-
Firefly ruber Uncommon §90,-
Firefly roseus Rare §225,-
Firefly purpureus Rare §337,-