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The Testingcheatsenabled cheat is not as powerful as in Sims 2, but you can still do some very cool things with it. Below the most interesting uses:

The buydebug cheat gives you many objects that you normally can't buy. Obtain skyscrapers, Butterfly spawners, Gnomes and even a fog creator!
In the cheat menu, type in testingcheatsenabled true (enter), then type in buydebug (enter). Now go to buy mode and there you'll find a questionmark. Click it to get to all these interesting objects.

Let's take a look at a very interesting object you can find there; The Fog Emitter in the Misc. section. Place the object somewhere on the ground, and to reveal the options, hold down Shift and Ctrl and click the object.
Now choose Set Visual Effect. Here you can type in several effects. Below a few:
rainheavydaytime, rainheavynighttime, snowfallingheavydaytime, snowfallingheavynighttime, graveyardfog, meteoronfire, ep2windowfire3x1fx, fire, ep2meteorshower.
At Modthesims you can find a full list of all options: Mod The Sims


Lifetime points
If you want the expensive Lifetime rewards without fulfilling hundreds of wishes, do the following:
This one is a bit different; You need to enter the testingcheat BEFORE you choose a family. After entering the cheat, choose a household and go to the Lifetime Hapiness tab. Now hold down Ctrl and click between the treasure chest and the amount of hapiness points. Every click gives you 500 points.

Needs, Friends and Moodlets
When the Testingcheat is active, you can easily drag all your Sims' needs into the green (or into the red if you feel evil). Friends relations can also be changed this way. Moodlets can be removed by holding down Ctrl and clicking the moodlet. Job experience from home careers like Fishing, Painting, Inventing, etc can also be dragged full.


Careers, Needs and NPC's
The mailbox gives lots of options with the Testingcheat. Shift-clicking it gives a whole range of options:
- Force visitor: A random Sim will visit your house.
- Make Needs Static: Like it says, all needs stay as they are whatever you do.
- Set Career: Choose a career and then the level of that career. Note that you will not recieve career perks this way like the fridge for the culinary career.
- Force NPC...: Opens up a pie menu with all NPC's which you can call to your house.
- Make Me Know Everyone: Puts all Sims in the neighborhood in your Relationships list.
- Make Friends For Me: Gives your Sims a few friends.
- Make All Happy: All Sims on the lot will have their Needs maxed.


Here some misc. tips with the active Testingcheat:

- NPC cheat: With the cheat "ageuptonpc", your toddler Sim can be given the option to grow up into a Non Playable Character. The NPC keeps living in the house and you can interact with it, but it won't be playable. See the first pic below to see the option dialog. Doesn't work if there's more then one toddler in the household.

- Teleport: If you quickly want to move around, hold down Shift and then click on the floor somewhere and you get the option to teleport.

- Favorite music: Shift-click on any Sim to get the option to change its favorite music.

- Age up: Shift-click on any Sim to get the option to age it up a level. Comes in handy if your teen ages up to young adult and its (girl)friend is still a teen.

- Add Sims to household: Shift-click on any Sim to get the option to move him/her into the household. Note that there is still a limit of 8. You need a mod to increase this limit.

- Modify traits: Shift-click on the selected Sim to get the option to modify their traits.

- Delete everything: Shift-click on any object to delete it. This includes objects found in the village like trees, benches and even whole buildings.

- Redecorate rabbitholes: Shift-click on the floor of any rabbithole (school, workplaces,etc), to get the option to go into buy/build mode without leaving your game.

- Force events: Shift-click on your Sims' workplace to force an event.

- Force jobs: The new careers like the Firefighter, Ghosthunter, Stylist, etc, have jobs which you can force to appear by Shift-clicking on any house.

- Pee self: When your Sims' bladder is about 80% full, you can click that Sim and choose 'Willfully Pee Self' to make them pee their pants.