::Snooty Sims::

Hunting, Taking care of pets and Fleas!!

Sims can teach their pets hunting skills, choosing to interact, “Study of hunting.” Remember to have some fun between training sessions, or else the dogs can become tired and bored quickly during a training.

Dogs with the hunting ability can use the interaction “Dig …” at different digsites, which are scattered throughout the game world. The higher your pet's hunting skill, the greater the chance to find rare collectible object, such as gems, metals and even bonefragments or a sculpture!

Sims can recommend their dogs with "Hunting" ability, to arrange a date for them at a public lot where there is at least one single Sim of the appropriate sex! All dog’s abilities and achievements are recorded in the hunting diary.

Cats are born hunters! Practice by using cat toys to train your cat’s hunting ability. Cats can catch various small animals – beetles, birds, lizards, rodents, snakes and turtles. To find these animals, use the interaction “Search prey” in the hunt menu. This menu becomes available when you collect enough points for hunting skills. This will take you to view maps, where you will find markers indicating adequate prey species. Cats can also catch a prey anywhere outside the home. Simply select a piece of land and try.

Sims can instruct befriended cats to catch something for them, and even to bring a particular species of animals. Although the pet will do its best, there is always a risk he doesn't understand the command, and bring something completely different.

As soon as a cat found an appropriate prey, it will follow it and start a fight! If you win the fight, the animal can be found in cat's inventory. Animals caught by cats may be kept at home in a suitable terrarium. Cats can also catch fish through the interaction of “Fish” which is available around ponds and oceans.

Taking care of dogs and cats:

Before the dog arrives at your home, make sure you have everything you need to please your pet. Cats and dogs need bowls and bedding (or, if you can afford it, a luxury cottage). In shop mode, in the category of a child’s room, you will find all the necessary accessories for pets. Additional items are available in the category “animals” when you sort on function.

If your dog or cat begins to behave restlessly, try to take them to walk. It may have to pee! Cats can do at home, if you buy them a litter box. New animals need extra attention to be accustomed to new surroundings, and perhaps you may learn them a new trick or two. They can be very destructive, so occasionally reward them with a toy. Make sure they're satisfied and are having fun. If you do not take care of your new cat or dog, a social worker could come and take him away. So take good care of your pet and socialize with him.


Oh, fleas! These annoying little pests, are infecting the animals who are outside often. It itches a lot and spoils its mood. Stay away from an animal with fleas. If you come in contact with such a pet, you risk that fleas jump on you.

After a soothing bath with flea shampoo, your pet is free to run around outside without the risk of catching fleas for a long time. The flee medicine will work long after use and it will scare away these troublesome insects. By using the Pet hiegienator, you can also protect your animal against fleas!