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Kittens, Puppies and Foals!!

Babies! It’s always a joyous occasion when a momma pet gives birth to a cute critter. Be it a tiny kitten, a cuddly puppy, or a wobbly legged foal, these innocent animals need special care to grow up into healthy pets.

Baby kittens need lots of attention to become healthy and socially adjusted cats. Play with them, love them, provide them with lots of food and toys, and you’ll discover the cutest companion a Sim can have.

Before they can become man’s best friend, puppies need a Sim to look out for them, teach them, and guide them as they grow up. Give your puppy a lot of special attention and healthy food so they grow strong! Don’t forget to help them up and down stairs when they’re too small to make it on their own.

A young foal is already a pretty big pet, but don’t be fooled – they need as much care as anyone to become a well raised horse. Foals are very social creatures and don’t like being alone. Keep them together with their mother, be it in the same box stall or out roaming around with each other. Make sure to let them nurse from their mom, or feed them from a bottle to ensure they get the nutrients they need.

Breeding Pets:

When a mommy pet loves a daddy pet very much they’ll want to start a family! Cats and dogs can try for kittens/puppies if they have a high enough relationship and are romantically inclined. Make sure you have a pet house on your lot so they have somewhere they can go and have some privacy.

Horses can try for a foal if you have a box stall on your lot! You can also take your horse to the equestrian centre where you can breed mares and offer stallions as studs!


Birds make for excellent companions, with lives that last nearly as long as any Sim. They love to talk, play, or even play tricks! As a low-maintenance pet, they’re just the thing for a Sim that can’t take on the full responsibility of pet ownership.

Simply owning a bird cage or tree will allow you to purchase certain types of birds, but to acquire the rare and highly sought after ones, you’ll have to explore and find them in the world.

Birds need to be fed and their cages cleaned as part of their routine care. If you own a cat, make sure to keep a close eye on them or your bird may find themselves to be a feline’s tasty treat.

Taking a stroll around town with a bird on your shoulder can be quite the conversation starter. Of course if you have a large bird, perhaps they’ll be the ones to start the conversation! Teach your large bird to talk and you’ll never need to leave home to get your social companionship. Be careful though, birds don’t know the meaning of “shut up”.

Give your large bird the freedom to spread their wings! If you open the door to their cage, or let them perch on a bird tree, they’ll occasionally fly around the house. Place a tree in different spots of your home and they’ll fly from perch to perch!

Minor Pets:

While common minor pets can simply be purchased, those that are rarer must be caught out in the wild. These little critters require just as much care and attention as other pets, so make sure to feed them and clean their terrariums!!

Minor pets also enjoy attention as much as other pets do! Whether this means spending some time playing with your pet, or even watching it do its own thing within a terrarium, it all contributes to keeping your little critters happy. Just be sure not to keep them in your inventory for too long, as they can escape!

If you ever feel that your minor pets just aren’t getting the attention they deserve anymore, you can always set them free. Letting them return to their natural habitat is always better than neglecting them. After all, being ignored enough while trapped in a terrarium can’t possibly contribute to a long and healthy life.