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Sims3 Store update 1 September
New sets in the Sims3 Store:

- Boho Vintage Women's Collection: 24 items for $16,-
- Viva Las Vegas Living: 22 items for $14,50
- Hollywood Regency Den: 8 items for $5,50
- September 2011 Compilation: 61 items for $29,50
- Happy Halloween: Gory Goodies: 6 items for free

New poll 7 September
There's a new poll. The question is if you use The Sims Social on Facebook. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which animal besides cats, dogs and horses you like most. Squirrels are the definite number 1 with 39%. Parrots are also popular with almost 1 in 4 people voting for that option. Lizzards could have been left out of the game as only 6% likes those.
1501 people voted and here are the results:

Which 'critter' do you like most?
- Parrots: 23%
- Snakes: 13%
- Turtles: 19%
- Lizzards: 6%
- Squirrels: 39%

Dutch fanevent 7 September
Coming Tuesday, there will be a Pets presentation in Holland. Producers George Pigula en Nicole Jenkins will show the Pets expansion to several fansites and Snooty Sims will be there too.
With all those many previews and screenshots around, I can't imagine anyone still have questions, but in case you do, just give me a mail and I'll do my very best to get the answer.

Sims Social beats Farmville 9 September
Ok, I'm not really following The Sims Social but found this news quite interesting: The Sims Social just beat Farmville on Facebook in Daily Amount of Users (9,3 million).
Quite an achievement in such a short time. Only game to beat now is CityVille, ironically a SimCity clone.
Check the article here: Gamasutra article
Update: The Sims Social has now beaten Farmville also with amount of users, being over 40 million.

Create a Pet demo 16 September
EA announced today that they plan to release a Create-a-Pet demo. This demo can be used to create cats, dogs and horses for the upcoming Pets expansion. This free downloadable tool will be released coming thursday (September 22).
Check the details here: Sims Uk forum

Pets producer's event 17 September
EA has been touring all over Europe to promote the upcoming Pets expansion. Many fansites were invited to their presentation and below you can check their reports and screenshots:

- Snooty Sims
- Platinum Simmers
- Sims 3 Cri
- Sims Network
- L'universims

- Sims MiniTroll
- Daily Sims
- Laremandgo
- Simsoucis
- lReMi07l

- Sim Goodie
- Urbania Sims
- Sims Planet 2
- Sims Nieuws
- Desconsolados

Create a Pet 22 September
EA has released the Create-a-Pet Demo on the Sims3.com. With the tool, you can already create pets and share them on the Exchange.
Get it here: Create-a-Pet demo.

Update: As with all Sims games, this demo does not come without some problems. Several people that installed it, reported they are missing custom content and/or their saved games. Others can't even load up their game anymore. The cause is unknown and many people have no problems at all, but it is advised to backup your important files before using the demo.

Misc. news 23 September
Sims3Store update
Another new Premium Content item (item with new animations) has been added to the store. It's an Uber Sani-Sim Toilet for the price of 4 dollars/euros.
Note that animations may not work if you own another Premium Content item because of a bug that still hasn't been fixed.
Get it here: Uber Sani-Sim Toilet
Hidden Springs
On September 24, the 'sale' of the high priced neighborhood Hidden Springs will end and will then be sold for the even higher priced amount of 24,50.
Lazy Game Reviews has a nice review about both Barnacle Bay and Hidden springs here: Lazy Game Reviews

Sims 3 Teaser 27 September
EA released a Sims 3 Teaser on theSims3.com. With this teaser, you can play a 20 minute demo of The Sims 3 and all expansions and stuff packs (not to be confused with the Sims 3 Trial)
Check it out here: Sims 3 Teaser.

Create a Pet demo 28 September
Without giving too much attention to it, EA re-announced the Create-a-Pet demo on theSims3.com and on Twitter they mentioned this is the solid version which won't break your game.
Get it here: Create-a-Pet demo

Pets Q & A 27 September
Games Radar posted a small Q & A with Ryan Vaughan on horses in the Sims3 Pets.
Read it here: Gamesradar article.

Pets infopage 30 September
EA sent a Pets infopage to a few fansites and will do so the next 3 weeks. The first is about the little animals; foals, kittens, puppies and birds.
Check it out here: Pets infopage 1