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New poll 1 September
A new poll is posted with the question what you're willing to spend on Barnacle Bay. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you are collecting a lot in the game. Not many players are big collecters. Only 14%. Most people only occasionally pick up something and 1 in 5 leaves all those rocks and bugs on the ground.
1722 people voted and here are the results:

Are you a collecter?
- Yes, many of my Sims are actively collecting: 14%
- Not actively, but fairly often I search for stuff: 26%
- I occasionally pick up something: 40%
- No, I pretty much ignore that part of the game: 20%

Misc. news 2 September
EA Singapore has again posted a few new Fast Lane screenshots. Check them all here: EA Singapore
Thanks to SimPrograms for the find.

The Sims Zone made a nice preview about Late Night which they saw at the German Gamescom show. On the bottom of the preview, there's a hany list of (some google-translated) previews as well.
Check it here: TheSimsZone preview.

Simlish songs from artists 3 September
EA released a press release with a list of all the Simlish songs by global artists, both for the console versions and Late Night. I must confess I don't know any of the singers/bands, but perhaps they're better known in your area.
Check the complete list here: Press release.

Late Night Hands-On 6 September
Gamespot posted a big Hands-On for Late Night. They discuss vampires, bands, fame levels and several other things.
Check it here: Gamespot article

Late Night Fanevent 15 September
EA is touring through Europe to show the upcoming Late Night expansionpack. A few Italian sites have already made a preview with many screenshots. Below the links:

Late Night interview 15 September
Games Radar had an interview with Grant Rodiek, associate producer for Late Night. This interview covers mostly what it's like to be a celebrity in this expansionpack.
Check it out here: Games Radar interview.

Late Night blog 16 September
The official Sims 3 site posted a new Late Night producer's blog. This one is about celebrities.
Check it here: Producer's blog.

Late Night Fanevent 21 September
EA is still touring through Europe, showing Late Night to selected fansites. Below a few previews from German and Polish fansites:
Centrum Simów
Sims True Life

New poll 22 September
A new poll is posted with the question if Late Night will be the best expansion ever. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you're willing to spend on Barnacle Bay. Bad news for EA. The rumoured price of 1650 points will scare away many people. Only around 10% is willing to pay that amount. And though 10% of all Simplayers is still quite a lot, they may want to reduce the price if they want more buyers. 44% however will not get it no matter what the cost.
2597 people voted and here are the results:

What are you willing to spend on Barnacle Bay?
- 500: 28%
- 1000: 16%
- 1500: 6%
- 2000: 4%
- 2500: 0%
- 3000: 2%
- Nothing. No interest: 44%

Barnacle Bay released 24 September
Barnacle Bay is now available at the Sims3Store. The price is 1650 points and contains 18 new objects.
You can find it here: Sims3Store