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New sets at Sims 3 Store 3 September
TheSims3.com updated with 4 new sets of which one is free! The sets are: Steampunk (5 objects- 325 points), Regal Living (41 objects - 2400 points), Victorian Fashions (17 items - 950 points) and Halloween Treats (6 objects - free).
Check out the new sets here: Sims 3 Store

World Adventures update 12 September
EA released 2 new screenshots for World Adventures, and also posted a small article on the Sims3.com about future newsupdates for this expansion.
Check this article here: TheSims3.com article


Free items for first time buyers 12 September
Just discovered this in my Sims launcher: For those who purchase Simpoints for the first time, gets an exclusive item. Get a clock for buying 500 points, a desk for 1.000 points and a Deco tank for 2.000 points.
Check out this offer here: Sims 3 Store

New poll 15 September
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is by how much the Sims 3 Store prices should lower. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you use Create-a-Style or just use the default options. According to the results, this feature is a much used one. 60% uses it all the time and another 28% occasionally. Only 4% uses the default colors.
3547 people voted and here are the results:

Do you use Create-a-Style?
- Yes, all the time: 60%
- Occasionally yes: 28%
- I don't use it that much: 8%
- I really only use the default colors: 4%

Tomb building 18 September
Kotaku posted an article on Tomb building. They talk about many objects that you can use to build your own underground maze. Levers, traps, statues, hidden stairways and more can all be used.
Check the article here: Kotaku.com

New Sims 3 Prima guides 20 September
Sims3Nieuws found a blog from Sims 3 guide writer Catherine Brown where she announces 2 new Prima guides on the Sims 3: Blog - Collectables - Lifetime Wishes. Both are around 10 dollar.

Here's a tip: Save 10 dollar by using the Collection Helper for all your collection problems and save another 10 dollar by reading the FREE extensive Lifetime wishes guide made by Carl!: Carl's guides

French screenshot 23 September
Brica Sims found the first screenshot from the French part of World Adventures.

Misc. news 27 September
With a few days delay, the free object from the Sims Newsletter is now available in the Sims 3 store.
Get it here: Free Floorlamp

The Sims 3 Store does not mean the end of Stuff packs. Sims 3 will get them too and the first one "High End Stuff" will be here on February 12, 2010. Play.com

And lastly, an infopage for World Adventures is added to the site where you can find screenshots and previews. You can find it now in the Menu on the left.

Tomb building 2 29 September
For those that missed it, IGN posted part 2 of the Tombbuilding guide.
Check it here: IGN article