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New official BV pics 1 September
The official Italian Sims site posted 3 new official Bon Voyage screenshots. See them below.
Also added to the Bon Voyage section are the 9 Blogpics from the official Sims 2 site. See them all here: Official BV screenshots


New poll 2 September
A new poll. This weeks question is who will go on vacation. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was which accommodation on Bon Voyage you like most. Most people prefer to stay in the most expensive hotel there is. But a vacation home is quit popular as well. 4013 people voted and here are the results:

Which accommodation do you like most?
- The most expensive hotel there is: 44%
- A good moderate hotel will do: 14%
- I like to stay in my own vacation home: 33%
- Nothing beats a cozy little tent: 9%

Bon Voyage released 4 September
Today, Bon Voyage has been officially released and EA has sent out a press release announcing that fact. Read it here: Press release

Many people already have the game in their possession and are posting screenshots and info on fansites and forums/BBS. Something that is always interesting to find in a new pack is a leaflet with info about the next expansionpack. You can find it on the left.
Thanks to 'KennyChisholm12' from the Sims BBS for scanning this leaflet.

Other Sims news later today.

Misc. news 4 September
Teenstyle box
Maxis only showed a relatively small teenstyle box on their site. The official Finnish EA site now has this box in a larger version. Check it out on the left. Updated

Holiday for Mac
Aspyr announced that Happy Holiday Stuff is now available for the Mac.
Read more info here: MacNN

Bon Voyage icon
For those interested in how the Bon Voyage icon will look like on their Simpage when they installed their game, check the pic on the right.

Misc. news 6 September
Primaguide preview
Prima has a preview of the Bon Voyage guide in PDF posted on their site. It's quite a large preview of 21 pages and covers parts from several chapters of the guide.
Find the preview link on the following page: Primagames

New Bon Voyage movie
Gamespot posted a new movie about Bon Voyage. Check it out here: Gamespot movie

BV blog update
The Bon Voyage blog has been updated with another entry which you can find here: BV blog

New official screens
And lastly some new official screenshots have been released:


Bon Voyage Pre-order 9 September
For those not being able to pre-order Bon Voyage, here's a nice bit of info you may like; Walmart posted a code on their Bon Voyage Pre-order page that you can use to get the shade hat.
Find this page here: Walmart
And here the link to the download: Hat download
For those wondering; Is this allowed by Maxis? Yes it actually is. A SimMaster from the Sims BBS aproved of this. Read more about it here: Riggleby BBS message

New poll 10 September
A new poll. This weeks question is if you will complete all Momentos. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was who will go on vacation. A family vacation is the most popular followed by a honeymoon. The other options got around 10% or less. 3521 people voted and here are the results:

Who will go on vacation?
- A whole family: 34%
- A married couple alone: 10%
- A single Sim: 13%
- A honeymoon: 24%
- An elderly couple: 2%
- A Sim with friends: 5%
- A teens vacation: 11%

Misc. news 11 September
New Bon Voyage video
The official Sims 2 site has updated with some new things. A new video for Bon Voyage is one of them which you can check out here: New video

And there are also a couple new Bon Voyage themed wallpapers to download for your desktop. Get these here: BV wallpapers

Teenstyle preorder item
Gamestop will give you a nice Snowboard Sculpture if you pre-order TeenStyle Stuff there. The Sims2.com has posted a pic from it here: TeenStyle bonus item
Thanks to Thesims2.co.za for this news.

Pet Stories for Mac out
And lastly, Pet Stories for the Mac has been released. Read more about it here: Macworld.com

Bon Voyage bugfix 12 September
Normally I won't post about bugs or unofficial bugfixes but at the moment there's a nasty bug in Bon Voyage which you may want to know about.
The bug is as follows; Everytime you visit a vacation lot, the game generates a new tour guide; not re-using the existing one. So after some time of playing, all these npc files will seriously slow down your game. For those experiencing this, there's already an unofficial patch to solve this.
Find it here: Moreawesomethanyou.com

GameSpot reviews Bon Voyage 14 September
GameSpot reviewed Bon Voyage and gave it a fairly good score of 7,5 out of 10. With the review also came 23 pics, which may be interesting for those still without the game.
Find it here: GameSpot review - GameSpot pics

New poll 17 September
A new poll. This weeks question is how you will handle the Bon Voyage bug. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you will complete all Momentos. They are quite popular; Almost 7 out of 10 people want to complete them; 21% even see it as a top priority. 2458 people voted and here are the results:

Are Momentos a priority?
- Yes, I will fill in the Momentos asap!: 21%
- I want to fill them in, but it's not a top priority: 48%
- I will just get them over the course of several holiday's: 26%
- No, I pretty much ignore them: 6%

Misc. news 18 September
MySims released
MySims has been officially released for both the Wii and the NDS. EA sent out a press release which you can find here: Press release
The Wii version has already been reviewed by both Gamespot and IGN. They didn't gave it a very high score however.
Find the reviews here: Gamespot [6,5] - IGN [7]
Sims article
Australian news site 'Thewest.com' posted an interesting article about the 'Success of The Sims'. Several EA people tell something about the game like Rod Humble (studio director at Maxis) and Karin Mueller (EA spokesperson).
You can find this article here: Thewest.com

Site update
And lastly, the new teen/eldercareers, which came with Seasons, have finally been added to the infocenter.
Check them here: Teencareers

Site news 20 September
The infocenter has been updated with some Bon Voyage infopages. Info about Momentos, Collectables and Bigfoot. I'm already working on some more infopages but didn't want to wait with posting the ones that are ready.
Find the info here: Momentos - Collectables - Creatures

Misc. news 23 September
BV Pre-order item
For the second time, you can get a free Bon Voyage pre-order item. EB Games posted the code for the Lantern on their site. Simply use that code on the download page.
Find the links here: EB Games - Download page
BV Review
Here's another Bon Voyage review. Gamezone.com gave a low 6.8 rating. The interesting thing is that the reason for that is mostly because they think Maxis has disregarded the modding community.
Find the review here: Gamezone.com

New poll 24 September
A new poll. This weeks question is what you think about Bon Voyage. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was how you will handle the Bon Voyage bug. It's a very devided result. 40% downloaded the unofficial patch, while a somewhat concerning high result of more then 1 out of 3 people that just keeps on playing Bon Voyage without the patch. 2651 people voted and here are the results:

how do you handle the Bon Voyage tourguide bug?
- I downloaded MATY's patch: 40%
- I avoid vacationspots until an official patch is released: 25%
- I will just keep on playing and see what happens: 35%

Misc. Teen Style news 25 September
Teen Style pics
German site Gamestar.de has posted 6 new official Teen Style screenshots on their site. You can find these in the Teenstyle section here: New screenshots
Thanks to SimTimes for finding these.
Pre-order items
TheSims 2.com has updated their pre-order page for Teen Style. Walmart gives you a T-shirt while pre-ordering from Amazon will give you a Stuffed Animal.
Check it here: TheSims2.com
Thanks to Thesims2.co.za for this news.

Walmart pre-order
A special note for the Walmart pre-order; Just as the Bon Voyage item, the pre-order code can already be found on that page. They even gave a link to a not-yet existing download page! Further more, Walmart posted a cool artpic and a slightly different Teen style box.
Check the page here: Walmart.com
Thanks Ricardo for this tip.

Big Teen Style update 27 September
The Sims2.com posted a big Teen Style Stuff update. A movie, the 6 screenshots and renders of the items. The big logo and boxshot have also been published.
Movie - Screenshots - Renders - Logo/boxshot

Exclusive objects 28 September
I'm a bit late with this, but better late then never I'd say. An official Sims magazine is introduced in Germany and it came with its own site. On this site are 12 exclusive decorative objects to download. See 11 of them in the pic on the left.
To get these objects, just register and download the packfiles which you need to place in your Downloads folder.
Here's the link to the site: Sims Magazine

"Bugs are myth's" according to Maxis 30 September
You may have read Maxis' response to the Bon Voyage bugs and secuROM on the Sims BBS here: MaxoidSam message
I have much respect for MaxoidSam but I completely disagree with this statement. This tourguide bug is the most critical but ever to hit a Sims game and dismissing it as a 'myth' is a big and concerning mistake on Maxis' side.
MaxoidSam is right with saying 50 extra npc's won't harm your game. 100 or maybe even 500 extra npc's won't harm your game, but do you want all those hundreds of useless npc's in your gamedata, slowing it down, without a way of removing them? Ofcourse not. I urge everybody do download MATY's bugfix. It's just a matter of moving it into your Downloads folder to stop the useless NPC spawning. Want to remove the patch? Just delete the file. It's that simple.

Following this official Maxis statement, I placed an info bar at the top of the page until an official patch has been made. This bar holds the link to the Maty's patch and Sims BBS topics.

Releasedate 'Hobbies' 30 September
Thesims2.co.za brings the news that several online stores have started to take pre-orders for the next expansion. They are all using the work title "The Sims 2: Hobbies" which may still change. Amazon, EB games and others all gave a releasedate of February 12, 2008