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Sims2.com update 1 September
Another update from the Sims2.com. A new pets puzzle has been posted which you can find here: Pets puzzle

And in case you missed it (the non-working link to them is at the bottom of the page), 3 new Pets pics have been posted in the Pets screenshots section at the official Sim site:


New Petpics and movies 2 September
The Japanese site '4gamer' went to the Leipzig convention and made 2 movies from Create-A-Pet. 1 For dogs and 1 for cats. Nearly every option of CAP can be seen in them.
Since I don't want to direct link the movies, find them on the following page: 4Gamer.net
The links to the movies can be found between the 2 rows of pictures.
Also, German fansite Simszone.de made a big report from what they saw in Leipzig. For those that can't read German, there are also some nice pictures.
Find it here: Simszone.de report

And lastly, both German fansite Thesims.de and Simtimes.de posted some more pictures. Find them half-way down the page here:
- Thesims.de
- Simtimes.de

Maxoid update 3 September
MaxoidGrant posted in his blog that he will no longer be making a Pets story. Find it here: MaxoidGrant blog
Thanks to SIMNEWBIE5 for the link.

The Sims 2: Get a Life was found some time ago on a foreign game shop. Now MaxoidMoonBelly has confirmed that this is a legitimate EA/Sims product and that more information will be coming out soon.
Find it here: Get a Life BBS post
Since the releasedate is set to September 28 (a little more then 3 weeks from now), this may not be a Stuff pack at all but something completely different.
Thanks to 'Alexi035' and others for the link.

New poll 4 September
A new poll. This weeks question is if you would buy Glamour online if it would be cheaper there. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you are interested in Pets for Console/Handheld. A very high amount of people (almost 3 out of 4) is planning to get the PC version and not any of the other versions. 3304 people voted and here are the results:

Will you get Pets for Consoles/Handhelds?
- Yes I definitely will!: 9%
- I think so. but not 100% sure yet: 5%
- Maybe, but at least not right away: 11%
- No, I only will get the PC version: 72%
- I won't get the console nor the PC version: 2%

Hidden set in Glamour pack 5 September
Numenor, a member at modthesims2.com, has found many hidden items in the Sims games. These so called "Lost & Found" items are Maxis made but made unavailable in the game.
In the Glamour Pack, Numenor found a complete racecar set for the Simkids; A bed, end table, lamp, toybox and much more. Nearly all in different colors too.
Find it here: Hidden Glamour set
Note that you need to register there first (which is free) to download it. Also it is required to have the Glamour pack installed for it to work.

Misc. news 6 September
PeppieBooh from the Sims2 BBS, has found some interesting pictures from the Pets expansion. All about the Werewolf.
Find them here: Werewolf pics
Thanks to jusinbuzz for the link.
Another Maxoid has updated his Blog. MaxoidGrant tells a few things about Petcareers and then in particular about the chance cards.
Find it here: MaxoidGrant blog
Thanks to Stacey for the update.

And lastly, the Pets movies section is completely updated. Every movie for the Pets expansion can be found here: Pets movies

Lots of misc. news 8 September
There's lots of news today. A good time to make a small change by giving each newsitem a title.
New Pets preview:
The official Sims 2 site updated with some Pets previews. One of these wasn't mentioned here yet; The 1Up preview.
Find it here: 1Up Pets preview
Blog Update:
MaxoidMoonBelly is a Maxoid that often updates her blog with interesting info from inside Maxis. In this blog, she writes about the people who visited because of the "Sims Played By" campain. Also about Pets for consoles, Leipzig, a Haloween party and much more.
Find the blog here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog

Puzzle update:
The puzzle at the Sims2.com has updated with a new picture. This time about a parrot. Don't want to puzzle; Check out the pic in the Pets section, else find it here: New Pets puzzle

Bandit Cat pics:
2 New pictures with the Bandit cat has been found. You get this skin when you order Pets at certain shops. Find them here at the bottom of the page: Bandit cat pics
Thanks to MikePlay for finding them.

New Pets movies:
And lastly, 2 new Pets movies have shown up. 1 Is from the PS2 version and 1 from the PC. The PC version shows a copcar bringing a dog. Find them here:
- PS2 movie
- PC movie
Thanks to Larienchan for finding them.

New poll 11 September
A new poll. This weeks question is what Sims 1 item you would like to see in Sims 2. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you would buy Stuff packs online if they were cheaper than the shops. Almost half of all people would still buy it in the shops and insteresting is that 1 in 5 won't buy Stuff packs no matter what the price is. 2658 people voted and here are the results:

Would you buy Stuff packs online if they were cheaper then in the Shops?
- I already prefer to buy them online: 5%
- Yes, that would pursuade me to get it online instead: 15%
- I would think more about what would be the best choice: 16%
- No, I still would buy it in the shops: 45%
- I won't buy stuff packs no matter what the price is: 19%

Glamour no.1 in charts 12 September
In the latest best selling list of PC games, Glamour Life jumped straight to number 1. The main game is placed on the number 3 position. Several other Sims titles can be found in this list as well.
Find it here: List best selling PC games

New Pets pictures 12 September
If you pre-order the Pets expansion at Amazon, you get a purple pug skin. Now they posted an artpic with that skin.
Thanks to callum91 for finding it.

Also, several official European Simsites posted some new Pets pictures. Below, the 4 most interesting ones:


Pussycat Dolls in Sims 2 Pets 14 September
From Gamespot comes the news that the Pussycat Dolls will have a song in the Sims 2: Pets. They will have a simlish version of the 'Donít Cha' song in both the PC and console version.
The complete soundtrack for Pets can be found here as well.
Check it out here: Pussycat Dolls in Sims 2 Pets

Misc. news 14 September
Happy Holiday:
On The official Sims 2 site, the box for Happy Holiday can be found in a 'Coming Soon' section. From the looks of this box, it has (nearly) the same content as the Holiday pack of last year.
The Swedish Sims site has a bit larger picture of this pack here: Happy Holiday Sweden
According to several online shops, the release date will be November 7.
New Pets pictures:
The Sims2.cz has posted several new Pets pictures. Find them all here: Thesims2.cz

New Pets video:
A new video for Pets has shown up at YouTube. It's about 4 minutes long and follows a Spanish Pets presentation.
Find it here: New Pets video
Thanks to MikePlay for finding it.

Sims 2: In Season?:
A new rumour about a possible 5th expansion; Usually I avoid rumours but this one is posted by EA themselves!: At the registration page, you can choose to register The Sims 2: In Season.
Find it here: EA gamereg.com
On that page, select PC then find it in the 'Game Name'.
Someone made a topic about this at the Sims2 BBS and MaxoidDrea replied that it doesn't exist and shouldn't be there. It's also locked already.
Thanks to rosierealea for this update.

Pets presentations 16 September
Italian presentation:
Edenstyle was invited to a Pets presentation and brought back lots of pictures and also some nice movies.
They promise even more movies and an interview as well in the coming days.
Find it here: Edenstyle Pets presentation
Spanish presentation:
One of the fansites who visited the Spanish presentation is Capital Sims. They also posted many pictures and movies.
Find this site here: Capital Sims Pets presentation
The pictures can be found about half-way down the page

New official Pets pics 17 September
From 1Up come 3 new official Pets pictures.
Thanks to 'JCcritter' from the SimsBBS for finding them.


New poll 18 September
A new poll. This weeks question is which 'Creature' you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was what Sims 1 item you would like to see return in Sims 2. Most votes goes to the Spiral stairs. It gets twice as much as the 2 runner-up places; The pool slide and Spa objects. Just a few would like to see the campfire back. 3777 people voted and here are the results:

Which Sims 1 item would you like to see return?
- Basketball hoop: 11%
- Chemistry lab: 10%
- Camp fire: 2%
- Koi pond: 5%
- Pool slide: 16%
- Spiral stairs: 30%
- Spa objects: 15%
- Baker's oven: 11%

Misc. news 19 September
New Pets movies
A couple days ago, you could read that Italian site Edenstyle went to a Pets presentation. Now they added more movies from that event.
Find them here: Edenstyle Pets presentation
If you prefer to see the movies online, SimsBBS member 'GrimTheDeathAnge' uploaded them to YouTube.
Find them here: BBS post Petsmovies

Even more movies can be found at TecnoSims here: TecnoSims Pets presentation

Intern confirms Sims 3 team:
MTV posted an article about an intern that worked for EA for some time. It's a long article but an interesting part is where there is a mention of an under-wraps EA game called Sims 3. The intern also says that she helped create the opening movie for The Sims 2: Pets.
Find it here: MTV article
Thanks to SimsZone.de for this news.

Sims 2 best Mac game:
And lastly a small story about The Sims 2 winning a 'Best Mac game' award.
Find it here: JoyStiq article

Producer Walkthrough Pets 21 September
Maxis made 2 big Producer walkthroughs for Pets. One for the consoles version and one for the expansionpack for PC. These movies come both in either low or high versions. Find the links below:
- Pets for PC High
- Pets for PC low
- Pets for Console High
- Pets for Console Low

Blog update 21 September
MaxoidMoonbelly made another blog update. She writes a bit how it's like working in such a big company; 1500+ people are working there, the Sims team being 300 of that. She also talks a bit about Halloween and Pets.
Find it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog

New Pets pics and movie 22 September
German site Cynamite posted some Pets pictures as well as a nice movie. In this 2 minute movie, you can see a Sim interacting with a dog and washing it in a tub.
Find it here: Cynamite.de movie and pics
Thanks to Simtimes.de for finding it.

Pets Training Paper II 22 September
Thesims2.com updated with the second part of the Pets training paper.
Check it out here: Training paper part II

Press releases 23 September
EA sent out 2 press releases about The Sims 2 the past few days.
The first is about bringing The Sims 2 to In-Flight entertainment. The second is about the fact that Sims 2 Mobile has sold 1 million units in Europe in the first 7 months of release. Find the Press releases here:
- Sims 2 In-flight entertainment
- Sims 2 Mobile selling 1 million units

New poll 24 September
A new poll. This weeks question is if you like to know everything there is to know about Pets. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was which 'Creature' you like most. The results are pretty evenly devided between all options. Though the Zombie is the least interesting with only 4% of the votes. Interesting is that almost 1 out of 4 people already like the Werewolf most. 3570 people voted and here are the results:

Which 'Creature' do you like most?
- Alien: 20%
- Zombie: 4%
- Vampire: 30%
- Servo: 22%
- Werewolf: 24%

New Pets pics 24 September
German site PC Games posted lots of Pets pictures. There are a total of 17 new pics devided over 2 pages.
Find them here: PC Games.de
Thanks to Simtimes.de for the link.

Site news 25 September
Co-worker Jusinbuzz has made a review for every Sims 2 expansionpack. I just added the latest 3; Open for Business, Glamour Life and Family Fun.
For those that doesn't have these packs yet, it will give a good idea what it's all about from a players point of view. Find the reviews below:
- Open for Business
- Family Fun
- Glamour Life

Pets expansion for Mac announced 28 September
Aspyr Media today announced that it will publish The Sims 2 Pets for Macs. It is expected to reach stores in November of this year.
Find more info here: Macworld.com

Blog update at Sims2.com 29 September
A couple Maxoids updated their Blogs at the Sims2.com: MaxoidMel and MaxoidMoonbelly.
MaxoidMel writes about Custom Content on the Sims2 Exchange, about the SimMaster of the Month and Podcasts. MaxoidMoonBelly writes a bit about Maxis' workfloor, about Pets and she also made some houses to download.
Find the links below:
- MaxoidMel Blog
- MaxoidMoonBelly Blog
- MaxoidMoonBelly Houses

Pets on EA Downloader 30 September
The SimsInsider has been sent out to those that are subscribed to it. In this issue can be read that Pets will also be able to be downloaded from EA Downloader.
The price will be the same as in the shops (29.99) and it does not say (yet) if you can download it sooner then the releasedate (as you could with the Stuff packs).
Also note that, as this is a big expansion, even with DSL it will take you 6 hours to download.
Find the pre-order here: EA Downloader