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Misc. EA news September 1
Often, Electronic Arts get some bad press, but recently some very positive articles have arisen. EA is very active in bringing new talent in the Game industry and below are some articles about this:

The following article from joystick.com, is about EA help teach kids how to make game music. Including for Sims 2.
Read this article here: Joystick article or the official press release here: EA press release

Another article is about EA announcing $2.6 million in training for its game makers in Montreal.
Read this article here: GameInfoWire article or the press release here: Press release
Thanks to SP Zone for help in finding this.

The following article (from 1up) is about EA giving a multi-million dollar gift to the University of Southern California, resulting in the Electronic Arts Interactive Entertainment Program, a 3-year Master of Fine Arts degree program.
Read this big article here: 1UP article

New trailer September 1
From Gamespot comes a new Nightlife trailer. This trailer is 2 minutes long and features the Sims dining, dancing, bowling and more. Also the vampire can be seen in this trailer.
Go find it here: Gamespot Official Trailer 2

Nightlife update September 2
New previews and pictures from both Gamespy and Gamespot:
The preview from Gamespy can be found here: Gamespy 'Hands On' article
They also posted no less then 31 new screenshots which you can find here: New pictures

From Gamespot also comes a new article. It's a Q & A with Tim LeTourneau. Read it here: Gamespot article
Gamespot also had some new pictures; 4 in total which you can find here: New pictures

Console mail September 3
From time to time, Virginia McArthur and Scot Amos, will send a mail and talk about the Sims 2 on consoles and Handhelds. In the first mail they introduce themselves and talk about the PSP version and the food creation system for the Consoles version.
Go read this first mail here: Console mail 1

Also IGN will occasionally have a 'Sims 2 Designer Diary' for Consoles. You can read the first one here: IGN designer diary

New poll September 4
A new poll. This weeks question is if it's possible that Maxis can top Nightlife. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was which Downtown location you like most. The restaurant is the most popular. Almost half of all votes went to that option.
1629 people voted and here are the results:

Which downtown location do you like most?
- The bowling alley: 14%
- The restaurant: 48%
- The disco: 17%
- Playing poker: 4%
- The bar: 10%
- Karaoke: 7%

Nightlife update September 6
  The German site 'Krawall' has posted 29 new Nightlife pictures. Go check them out here: New pictures
Thanks to SP Zone for the tip. They're 2 years old today by the way. Congrats to them!

Also many people are recieving their Nightlife Prima guide. katenigma00 from the Sims 2 BBS has posted many details from it. Go read it here: The Sims 2 BBS
And Okblondee7 posted info about 11 new cheats from the guide. See it here: Nightlife cheats

Site update September 7
Several site updates:

Snooty Sims now has a Chatroom. You can find it on the right. I installed it to (hopefully) lowering the amount of chat in the guestbook. It's a nice chatroom that has different themes to choose from.

Also, someone sent me a nice addition to the 'info center'. It's a pdf file about the chance cards. It's not complete yet, but for most careers it's finished. Thanks Danial!
Open up this pdf file here: Chance cards

And lastly, the section for hacked objects has changed to 'Programs'. Besides links to objects and editors, you can now also find several usefull programs for The Sims 2 game in there.

New Nightlife screenshots September 9
5 new Nightlife pictures have appeared on the official Sims 2 site.


New Nightlife screenshots September 9
  Today, Nightlife has already been released in Brazil. Several pictures have been posted in a Brazilian forum here.
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