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Misc. news 1 September
Gamespot posted (likely) their last designer diary and it's all about bloopers. Go read it here: Designer diary 10
Besides this diary, also a 'hands on' preview has been posted which can be seen here: Gamespot preview

Also several new blooper pictures can be found at Gamespot. Check them out here: Blooper pictures

IGN posted part 2 in their 'SimIGN' article. Go read it here: IGN article part 2

IGN update 2 September
IGN posted part 3 in their 'SimIGN' article. Go read it here: IGN article part 3
Also several new pictures on IGN can be found here: IGN pics

Misc. news 3 September
IGN posted the last part in their 'SimIGN' article. Go read it here: last part IGN article

Also yesterdays chat with Lucy Bradshaw has been posted on the official Sims 2 site. Read it here: Sims 2 chat

Misc. news 3 September
With the Sims 2 coming out in less then 2 weeks, new articles, pictures an movies are flooding in!
Gamespy posted a new funny article titled 'The Sim-Limpic Games'. Read all about it here: Gamespy article

Gamespot also has some new things:
A 'Hands-On - Early Impressions' article that followed yesterday's 'hands on' article. Read it here: Gamespot article
57 new pictures here: New pics
And finally, 5 new movies 'gameplay footage 6-10' (bottom of page) here: New movies

Misc. news 5 September
Sorry for not updating the news yesterday, but I was busy with my new PC. Lots of news to tell, but let's start with the new things on IGN.
Find a new preview here: IGN preview, a new video here: New video and new pictures here: New pictures

By the way; I won't have the new Lucy's mail here cause it was all about the Urbz. Go for example to Simszone.co.uk to read it.
More news later today.

New Sims 2 site info 5 September
On the official Sims BBS, MaxisLucky talked a bit about the new Sims 2 Site. Read it here: Lucky on BBS
Thanks to ConradSims2 for this news.

Affiliate news 5 September
A couple days ago, I asked for a replacement affiliate. Alot of sites responded, both large and small and as you may have seen, I decided on The Sims Sense. It's a relatively small site, but it has everything in it to grow out very large. It has up to date news, a forum, downloads and much more.

Other affiliate news: Another Sims 2 Site just had a big re-design and looks very good indeed. Check them out here: www.anothersims2site.com

New movies 5 September
The Dutch site SPzone found a new movie from the German magazine 'PCgamers'. I got permission from them to place this movie on this site. Go download it here: Movie

In another movie (originally found by Sims Express), you can see Will Wright play the game. See it here: Antena3.com movie

New poll 5 September
Simszone.de posted a new part in their big Sims 2 test. Find the whole Test here: Simszone.de Sims 2 test

Now for the new poll. This weeks question is with how many families you will start. Click here for this new poll.
Last weeks question was if how fast you would like to see an expansion. It's about eaqually devided between the 3 choices, but most would like to see it soon. 2247 people voted and here are the results:

How fast do you want an expansion?
- ASAP! Within 3 months!: 26%
- Soon. About 3-5 months after release: 42%
- No real rush; 6-8 months: 32%

Misc. news 6 September
On the official Norwegian Sims site, you can see some pictures about the new Sims 2 site. See them here: New Sims 2 site.

EA already has a Customer Support page online where you can read about many things like how to move the camera, how to evict a family and for many a very important cheat; How to turn of aging! Read it all here: EA tech support
Thanks to SPzone for this news.

Simszone.de posted again a new part in their big Sims 2 test. This time about kids. Find the whole Test here: Simszone.de Sims 2 test

New movie 6 September
On the official Japanese Sims site, there is a new movie. Go see it here: New Movie.

If you want to download it, click the following link. There are 2 versions; The high quality is 36 Mb and the low quality is 20 Mb (I didn't see much difference though).

Download high version    Download low version

Misc. news 7 September
On the official Sims BBS, MayorRick wrote a message about the fact that it is very possible that the game will be available as soon as September 14! Read it here: MayorRick.

If you would like to know if you PC is powerfull enough for The Sims 2, you can check it out on the following page of Microsoft. The Sims 2 is their featured game so you don't even have to select it. Go test away here: Game advisor

Prima guide 8 September
The Prima Sims 2 strategy guide is already for sale and lots of info from it is being posted on the official Sims 2 BBS.
Specifically 'Rollup24' posted many things including a whole bunch of cheats. I've placed all of them in a list which you can find here: The Sims 2 Cheats

Misc. news 9 September
Simszone.de posted a new part in their big Sims 2 test. This time about teens. Find the whole Test here: Simszone.de Sims 2 test

Some new pictures can be found at the Japanese site '4gamer.net'. See them here: New pictures.
Thanks to SimsExpress for finding it.

New articles 10 September
Here are some new Sims 2 articles:
Simszone.de posted a new part in their big Sims 2 test. This time about adults, elders and death. Find the whole Test here: Simszone.de Sims 2 test

InsideGamerOnline reviewed the game. Read about it here: InsideGamersOnline
Thanks to SimsExpress for finding it.

1UP has started a gameplay diary. They're currently at day 3, but more days will follow. Read it here: 1UP.com
Thanks to SP Zone for finding it.

New reviews 11 September
2 New reviews have shown up; From Gamespy and IGN. Both reviews are pretty long and have lots of new pictures.

- GameSpy Review

- IGN Review

Lucy's mail 11 September
Lucy's weekly mail arrived and in it she talks about Bodyshop. Read it here: Lucy's mail

Misc. news 11 September
On the official German Sims site there's a new video posted about the 'Sims 2 Release Event'. Go download it here: DieSims.de

GamesDomain posted a 'Diary of the SimBubs' with some new pictures. Read it here: GamesDomain

On the Polish 'Simspage' there are also some new pictures (middle of page). Here's the link: SimsPage

1UP posted the 4th day in there gameplay diary. Find the whole diary here: 1UP.com

As a sort of teaser, Prima posted the whole chapter 6 of their Sims 2 guide online. Click below the 'Look Inside' to see it: Prima e-guide
Remember, chapter 21, about Bodyshop can be downloaded through the link in Lucy's mail. See below.

Misc. news 12 September
Gamesdomain posted a new movie titled 'The Sims 2 chocolate factory'. Go download it here: New movie

The Sims 2 Creation posted a front and back of the French Sims 2 box. Since it's likely that other (European) versions will look very similar, it's certainly worth to check it out.

I'm working on an 'information center' and I will have it online when sufficient parts are done. For now check out 2 pages: Careers and Zodiac signs

New poll 12 September
The last poll before the Sims 2 is here. What will you do first once the game is installed? Click here for this new poll.
Last weeks question was with how many families you will start with. Most people will start slow with just a couple families. 2420 people voted and here are the results:

With how families will you start with?
- Just 1 family: 23%
- A few. 2 or 3 families: 54%
- Several 4-6 families: 17%
- With more then a dozen!: 7%

Misc. news 13 September
It's just monday but already alot of people recieved their copy of the game. Many others will recieve it tomorrow. For all the others; it's just a matter of days now....
A little bit of news today;
EA have updated their 'Customer support' page with some new help topics. It also included a new cheat! "StretchSkeleton" to make your sim bigger and smaller.
Go see the help page here: EA customer support

1UP posted the 5th day in there gameplay diary. Find the whole diary here: 1UP.com

Misc. news 14 September
The new Sims 2 site is now online. Go check it out here: www.thesims2.com.

For those that haven't the game yet, check out Gamespot for some new Movies, Pictures and a Review.

Objects on Exchange 15 September
For those that missed it, on the new official Sims 2 site there are 6 Maxis objects to be downloaded. A new computer and 5 different shrubs. Go download them here: Object Exchange.

New cheat 15 September
Don't want to type 'kaching' dozens of times? Then use the following new cheat, motherlode to add 50.000,- to household funds.

New interview 16 September
CNet had an interview with the creator of The Sims, Will Wright. He talks about the Sims 2 and also a bit about the Sims Online.
Go read it here: Interview.

Site news 17 September
There is a new section on the site; an 'info center' where you can find several different kinds of Sims 2 info. From a list of all the simjobs to the different kinds of ways for sims to die. This section will be occasionally updated with new things.

Lucy mail 18 September
Lucy sent her last weekly mail. It's certainly worth a read. In it you can also find a new hairstyle to download into the game. Read this mail here: Lucy's mail
This quite funny movie also came with the mail: Movie

New poll 19 September
A new poll. There are like a thousand questions to think of, but the first pollquestion will be ofcourse; Do you have the game yet? Click here for this new poll.
Last weeks question was what you would do the first when you got the game. Many votes came in. It is pretty devided between all options but most started with tutorials or jumped right into the game. 3318 people voted and here are the results:

What will you do first in the game?
- Spend alot of time making families in CAS: 12%
- Spend alot of time making a dream house: 17%
- Follow all tutorials: 28%
- Start with a Maxis made family: 15%
- Quickly make a new family and start playing: 29%

Sims 2 number 1 in charts 21 September
CVG posted the UK All-format chart and The Sims 2 has gone straight to number one in its first week of sale. See for yourself here: UK chart

New cheat 23 September
The official Sims 2 site posted the following cheat: faceBlendLimits -on/off
Although this cheat was known (it was in the list with the "help" cheat), it was unknown what it was for. When making a child in CAS, this cheat can turn off facial bounding limitations resulting in very different looking sims.

Wright interviews 26 September
Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, has given quite a few interviews lately. Both with CNet and BBC.
The latest interview is with 'The Associated Press'. Go read it here: Latest interview

New poll 26 September
Time for a new poll. Since the game is out now for some time, is it as good as you expected? Answer this question by going to the new poll here.
Last weeks question was if you already have the game. Over 75% already have it. 3192 people voted and here are the results:

Do you have the game?
- Yes even before September 17!: 46%
- I just got it!: 30%
- No but I will have it soon: 17%
- No and it will take some time before I have it: 8%

Sims 2 best selling EA game 27 September
EA posted a press release saying that in the first 10 days, The Sims 2 has sold over 1 million copies. Making it EA's best PC launch in their 22 year history.
Read the full press release in this PDF: Press release
If you don't have PDF, read most of it here: Dreamstation.cc

New tutorial 28 September
A new tutorial can be found in the 'info center' section on this site. It's a tutorial to get your own pictures on the Sims wall.
Go see it here: Custom painting tutorial