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New poll 1 September
There's a new Sims 2 poll. The question is if you want seasons.
The last poll; How badly do you want the Sims 2, was taken by quite a large number of people: 580. An enormous amount of you (83%) want the Sims 2 right now!

Site news 2 September
Today I added the Sims 2 article from a Brittain PC mag, changed the Sims 2 links page somewhat, added and removed some Sims 2 pics and had to take some actions to a site that stole my bandwidth.
Well, tomorrow I will add a dozen or so screenshots from the Create-A-Sim movie for the ones that didn't manage to download or view it.

New Sims 2 pics 3 September
As promised, I have added 11 pictures from the create-a-sim movie. Also added are 22 official Sims 2 pictures.

New movies 5 September
Someone at the official Sims bbs, pedrojesus, found 2 new Sims 2 movies on a Japanese (or Chinese) games site. Get them here: 2 New Sims 2 movies.
I must add that I had quite some trouble downloading them. But maybe others are more lucky than me. Well, as you're used from me, I will make some pics from them and place them on my site.

New moviepics 8 September
You can now find 8 pictures from the 4gamer movie in my Sims 2 picture section.

New pictures 13 September
The Sims zone has posted some new Sims 2 pictures. You can find them here.

Chat transcript 19 September
I'm alittle late with this, but the chat from the official site is now in the preview section. Only the parts that's about the Sims 2 ofcourse.
Oh and also keep an eye out on Gamespot the coming days because it's now exactly a month ago when they had the last designer diary on there.

Site news 15 September
I've now placed those new Sims 2 pictures on my site. I've made them alittle smaller so they are more easy to view.
Also I removed the Makin'Magic section. Although the game is not out yet, I still decided to remove it because I don't really like the concept of it; I think it makes the Sims too unrealistic. Sorry for the people who like it, but I don't want to stand behind a game I don't like.

New poll 14 September
2 weeks later, so there's a new Sims 2 poll. This poll is what your biggest disadvantage is about the Sims 2.
The last poll, do you want seasons, was taken by 390 people. Over 70 percent of you want seasons in the main game. 20% Of you don't mind that much if it's not in it.

Site news 21 September
Well, as you can see, I have changed my site around a bit. I wanted to change my site into a real Sims 2 site, so I removed the Sims 2 page and have all Sims 2 things accessible from the front page.
For that, I needed to add several more links and so came the need to make a right frame to put all the other things in it. The cheats, downloads, tutorials, etc. will be placed in the new Sims 1 section.

As you can see, I've also added a guestbook where you can place all your messages in. Compliments, complaints, ideas or just want to say something? Go ahead and post it there.
[Note: The Sims 1 link doesn't work yet cause I have to make a new page and that will take some time. I will get to that as soon as possible.]

Designer diary 3 24 September
As expected, there is now a new designer diary at gamespot. See it here: 3rd Designer diary 3.
There are also some new Sims 2 movies there.

New moviepics 26 September
Today I have added 7 pictures from the new short Gamespot movies.
I'm glad it's weekend because now I finally have some time to work some more on this site. Keep checking here cause in the coming days I will update this site with several new things.

New pictures 26 September
I have found some new Sims 2 pictures. I don't have a link to them, but you can view them in my pictures section

New poll 27 September
There is a new poll. The last poll, what are the disadvantages of Sims 2, had 344 voters. With 41%, upgrading your pc, is for most people the biggest disadvantage.
The next poll, is what Sims 1 expansion you would like for the Sims 2 (You may need to refresh the page to see the new question).

Site news 28 September
Yesterday I made the Sim 1 page, so you can go there to check out cheats, downloads and some other things.
Today I changed some things here and there and I added a Sims 3 wishlist. More to come so check back later!