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Ghosts 1 October
The Sims 4 has ghosts! With today's update, the first creatures have been added to the game.
A trailer has been released which can be seen here: The Sims 4 Ghosts

Also, the Simguru's are answering questions about ghosts on the official forums here: Sims forums
Blogs about update: Simguru Zera blog - Rachel Franklin blog

More (free) updates are coming in the following months. Pools in November and new careers in December.

That is not all though. besides ghosts, this patch also contains a wide range of other updates like Star Wars costumes, new eye colors, new cheats and a lot of game fixes.
Check the patch update here: Sims 4 update

Site news 5 October
Just one site update this week:
- Added a list with all food dishes:: Cooking

Currently working on an infopage with detailed info on all base traits.

New patch 22 October
The Sims 4 is patched. See the fixes here: Sims 4 update