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Sims3Store update 5 October
A new set in the Sims3Store:

One With Nature: $12,- (temporarily $9,75)

Into the Future trailer 8 October
EA released a new trailer for Into the Future: Launch Trailer

Livestream 17 October
Check the live broadcast here: Live broadcast

Misc. news 19 October
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Grim's Ghastly Manor: 17 items for $19,- (temporarily $17,-)

There's a new patch for the game. Check the changes here: Game Update for 1.63

New community blogs for Into the Future: Future Living - Part 1 - Future Living - Part 2

New poll 22 October
There's a new poll. The question is what you think about the fact there's no Create-a-Style in Sims 4. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you're still interested about Into the Future after seeing so much Sims 4 info. A very interesting result; Only 1 out of 4 people is really interested in Into the Future. A huge 60% is not interested or lost their interest the last expansionpack.
1030 people voted and here are the results:

Still interested in Into the Future?
- No, totally lost interest: 10%
- I never liked it anyway: 50%
- It reduced my interest somewhat: 15%
- Yes, I still like it: 25%

Sims 4 in fall 22 October
For those expecting to play The Sims 4 in early 2014, some bad news; It's still a year away.
EA has just announced that The Sims 4 will arrive in the fall of 2014.
Check the small press release about it here: Press release