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Sims3 Store update 5 October
2 new sets in the Sims3 Store:

Drifter’s Desire: 27 items for $13,50 (temporarily $11,50)

Fortune's Folly Compilation: 63 items for $28,50 (temporarily $25,50)

Misc. news 11 October
Maxis live
Maxis had a chat yesterday where they announced many new stuff like new EA titles and info about The Sims 3, an online Sims magazine, Sim City and lots more.
You can check out the whole chat in this long video here: Maxis live

Weather Stone
In this movie, they revealed a new item that you get when you have both Supernatural and Seasons. This Weather Stone can be used by supernatural Sims to influence the weather.
Check more info abou it here: Weather Stone (bottom of page)

Community blog
SimGuruSemedi posted a big new blog with info and lots of screenshots about the aliens that we will meet in Seasons.
Check this blog here: Alien invasion in Seasons

Producer Walkthrough 20 October
EA released a Seasons Producer Walkthrough video.
See it here: Producer Walkthrough

Seasons interview 25 October
Gamesradar posted another article on Seasons. They interviewed assistant producer Mike Zamora about the Fall season and also posted some new screenshots.
Check it here: Seasons interview

SimGuruSemedi answers a whole bunch of Seasons questions at the official Sims 3 forums here: Seasons Q & A

New poll 28 October
There's a new poll. The question is if you liked the Sims 2 University. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you do Achievements; It's not exactly the most popular thing to do in the Sims 3. 60% ignores them and 30% do one occasionally. Only 10% is actively trying to do as many as they can.
1117 people voted and here are the results:

Do you go after Achievements?
- Yes I want to do them all!: 10%
- I do one occasionally: 30%
- No, I pretty much ignore them: 60%

Halloween in the Sims 28 October
EA posted a whole bunch of Halloween screenshots on the Spanish Sims facebook page. EA combined Seasons and Supernatural to create some spooky pictures.
Check them here: Halloween screenshots

A new blog was written by assistant producer Mike Zamora about Spooky-Day here: Halloween blog