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Bands in Late Night 1 October
Games Radar posted an interview with Melanie Lam, associate producer for The Sims 3: Late Night. It's all about how bands work in the new expansionpack
Check it here: GamesRadar

Also a new producer's blog about bands were posted on the Sims3.com which you can find here: Producer's blog

Rod Humble interview 6 October
Rod Humble, gave a big interview on MCV. They talk about the history of the Sims, its succes and the future of the franchise.
Read it here: Interview.

Sims3Store update 9 October
TheSims3Store has been updated with a few new sets. Check the links below:
Transport to the Future: 2 items for $3,50
Front Row Center Bedroom: 9 items for $4,50
Wretched Threads: 21 items for $13,-
Glitter and Glam Bedroom: 12 items for $8,-
Animals Abound Playground Bed + Bath: 25 items for $11,50
Kalliopi's Gifts: 2 items for free.

New poll 13 October
There's a new poll. The question is if you use the Create-a-World program. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you think Late Night will be the best Sims 3 expansion. It's clear from the results that the 2 former expansions are not rated as the best ones. 42% think Late Night will be the greatest expansion ever. More than half of all voters however, think we will have to wait a bit longer for the ultimate Sims 3 expansion pack.
2805 people voted and here are the results:

Will Late Night be the best Sims 3 expansion?
- Yes it will be: 42%
- No World Adventures is: 2%
- No, Ambitions is: 3%
- No, the best expansion will be made after Late Night: 53%

Late Night Hands-on 14 October
Gamespot posted a big Hands-on article on Late Night about vampires, bands and celebrities.
Read it here: Gamespot article.

Producer's blog 16 October
The 3rd Late Night producer's blog has been posted on the Sims3.com. This time it's about Vampires.
Check it here: Producer's blog

Late Night on the Spot 24 October
Late Night is featured in 'On the Spot'. A video channel for gaming news. Around the 12th minute in the movie, Grant Rodiek shows the new city of Late Night and shows how Vampires search out their victims.
Check it out here: On the Spot.

Late Night arrived 26 October
The Late Night expansionpack has arrived in stores and EA sent out a press release with this announcement.
Check it here: Press release

New screenshots and a new trailer have also been released. Check the links below:
- New screenshots
- New trailer

Misc. news 27 October
Red Carpet collection
When you register Late Night, you can freely download a set which contains 5 objects.
Get it here: Red Carpet collection

New patch
When a new expansionpack is released, there's usually a patch which, besides some fixes, also includes some features from the new expansionpack. This patch will add muscle and breast sliders to the game, round pool options, astrological signs and more.
Check all the fixes and additions here: TheSims3.com news.

New T-Mobile stuff
I'm maybe a bit late with this, but T-Mobile has new free Sims 3 objects on their site. Just use the code "GetConnected" and claim them so that they show up in your Purchase History.
Here's the link: T-Mobile

Prima Guide
The Late Night Prima guide is released and you can take a free look at some of its chapters here: Free preview