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Gamespot World Adventures update 2 October
Gamespot posted a big update on World Adventures. 5 New screenshots, a big preview and a new movie are added. The preview is about Egypt and the screens and movie cover the China destination.
Check it here: Gamespot preview

IGN preview 2 October
Another World Adventures preview today. This time from IGN. They also posted a gameplay movie.
Check it here: IGN preview

Kotaku preview 3 October
And yet another World Adventures preview; Kotaku made a somewhat oddly written preview on World Adventures.
Check it out here: Kotaku preview

Sims 3 Store update 9 October
The Sims 3 Store has updated with a nice new set called Animals Abound. This animal themed set is meant for the little sims and includes several decorative items as well as lamps and furniture. Normal price will be 990 points but there's a discounted price of 850 points til October 16.
Check the new set here: Animals Abound
The Sims 3 Store also has a new promotion when buying new points. Buying 500 points gets you a paris clock, 1.000 points a sailorsuit and 2.000 a Tulip jacket.
Check this promotion here: Repeat buyer promotion

New screenshots 9 October
2 new World Adventures screenshots have been released by EA:


IGN article 10 October
IGN posted a small article belonging to yesterdays 2 Kung Fu screenshots: IGN article

New poll 12 October
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is which agegroup in the Sims3 you like the least. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was by how much the Sims 3 Store prices should lower. Only 56 people think the Store prices are ok. But even cutting the prices by 10 or 25% is still not enough for the majority of the voters. Almost half of all people would like to see a reduction larger then 50%. EA, take note.
3671 people voted and here are the results:

How much lower should the Sims 3 Store prices be?
- Nothing. The prices are ok: 1.5%
- 10% off and I'm happy: 4.5%
- At least 25% cheaper: 14%
- Cut the prices in half!: 33%
- I want the prices to be even lower then that: 47%

All-Star Soundtrack for World Adventures 13 October
EA released the full list of the songs which will be present in World Adventures. In this expansionpack, several famous singers will have a simlish song like LeAnn Rimes, Esmee Denters and Nelly Furtado.
Check the full list of songs and singers here: IGN article

World Adventures interview 17 October
Fansite Sim Operations had the opportunity to ask a few question about World Adventures to producer Lyndsay Pearson.
Read it here: Sim Operations interview

Blooper screenshots 19 October
EA has sent a few blooper screenshots from World Adventures:


Misc. news 20 October
EA has again released a few new screenshots. Thanks to Sims Domination for the find.


EA Germany gave a few more details of the free items once you register World Adventures:
- A map with the location of the tombs.
- Some Egypt furniture.
- Chinese decorations and more.
Check this info here: Gameswelt.de
Edit: This info is now posted on the Sims3.com here: Press release

Misc. news 22 October
Dutch online magazine GamesGuide posted an interview with Lyndsay Pearson about World Adventures.
Check it here: GamesGuide article
Thanks to Sims3Nieuws for the find.

Sims 3 Store sale
The official Sims 3 site updated with the news that they have another sale for their Sims 3 Store. This sale is much better then the last one; 10 big sets are reduced in price with 10-30%.
Check the sale here: The Sims 3 Store sale

New poll 27 October
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you would like the Official Sims Magazine in your own language. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which agegroup in the Sims3 you like the least. It's almost a tie between Toddler and Elder. Most probably because there aren't a lot of objects and interactions for those agegroups. The Teen and Young Adult agegroups are liked the most.
3011 people voted and here are the results:

Which agegroup in the Sims3 do you like the least?
- Toddler: 33%
- Child: 19%
- Teen: 5%
- (Young) Adult: 7%
- Elder: 36%

New screenshots 28 October
4 new World Adventures screenshots have been released by EA. Thanks Sim Cookie for the find.



Misc. news 28 October
EA has put up some info about the World Adventures France region on the Sims3.com. There's some info about nectar making, exploring the French tombs and other things to do there.
Check it here: TheSims3.com

Evanell Sims posted a report from a World Adventures hands-on session. Cool info about the new basement tool and a lot of little details from each of the three regions. They also made quite a few pictures.
Find this article here: Evanell Sims

World Adventures IGN update 29 October
IGN posted a big update for World Adventures. A preview about the China region, new screenshots and a few movies.
Check it all here: IGN preview


Store sale reminder 29 October
Just a small reminder that this is the last day of the Sims3 Store sale. I'm not a big fan of this store, but this sale is pretty good. The Sims3 Store

Create a World tool/Simposium 29 October
CAW tool
EA has announced the long awaited Create-A-World tool. They don't give any info about it, but it's expected in December. The 2 pictures from this tool come from EA's Flickr page.
Read the announcement here: TheSims3.com
As you may have heard, there's a fanevent going on in San Francisco where they show World Adventures to a few fansites. New info about the expansionpack is slowly coming in through various channels. Check the following links to keep yourself up to date:
- SIMposium page on TheSims3.com
- SIMposium Twitter
- SIMposium Flickr page

Create a World tool II 30 October
Gamespot posted a small article with some new info about the Create-A-World tool. According to the article, it's the same tool used by the Sims team and you can create Nhoods of 4 different sizes.
Read all the details here: Gamespot article

Screenshots 30 October
An enomrous amount of screenshots from World Adventures have been posted today from various fansites. Below links to various galleries:
- SIMposium Flickr page
- SimPlaza
- centrum simow
- EdenStyle
- Simlicious