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Misc. news 2 October
Apartments patch
For those with Apartment Life, the official Sims 2 site has added a patch to fix several problems. Many of these include fixes for compatibility issues with other Stuff/Expansionpacks as well as problems with witches and the buttler.
Get the patch here: Apartment Life patch.

New Mansion & Garden pics
EA has released 2 new screenshots and a few artpics for the Mansion & Garden stuff pack:


Site news
And lastly, a huge milestone for this site: Snooty Sims has been visited for over 10 million times in its 5+ year history!

New poll 6 October
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is what you think about witches. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what your view is on Mansion & Garden Stuff. Though only a few people think it will be the best Stuff pack yet, most people think it looks very interesting. 1 in 4 however are completely fed up with Stuff packs.
4236 people voted and here are the results:

What is your view on Mansion & Garden Stuff?
- This is the best Stuff pack yet!: 5%
- It looks very interesting: 41%
- I'm not so sure about this one...: 28%
- No more Stuff packs for me!: 26%

Sims3.com update 7 October
TheSims3.com updated with a new blog from Jennifer Lane, Associate Producer and she writes about Create-a-Style. This feature gives the option to use any pattern on any object in the game.
Check the blog here: Sims 3 blog.
The site also updated with 3 new screenshots:


Misc. news 8 October
Ads in Sims 3
Advertising Age.com posted a story that EA wants to put dynamic in-game ads in the Sims 3. Through an Internet connection, current ads will be plastered around the town on billboards and movie-theaters.
Read the story here: Advertising age article
Rod head of Sims
EA has sent out a press release with the news that Rod Humble is now the head of The Sims Label.
Check it here: Press release

Sims store update
And for those living in the US, the Sims2.com brings the news that the Sims2 Store has updated with new FreeTime items.
Check the store here: The Sims2 Store

Mansion & Garden update 10 October
TheSims2.com updated their Garden & mansion Stuff page with new screenshots and items. Check the page here: TheSims2.com.


Site news 12 October
A small site update; 2 new infopages for Apartment Life are added, both about Magic: 1 for all the spell and 1 for the unlockable items for witches.
Find it here: Magic infopages.

Sims 3 pre-order 15 October
EA sent out a press release with info about the Collector's Edition of The Sims 3. I could have sworn I've seen that press release before but for those that haven't, here's the link: Pre-order press release
TheSims3.com also has updated with this news but also posted a screenshot of some of the Collector's Edition goodies, as well as a few new small screenshots of the game.
Check it here: TheSims3.com

Sims 3 screens 15 October
EBgames posted the new Sims 3 screenshots which are a bit bigger then on the Sims3.com:


Sims3.com update 16 October
TheSims3.com had a big update. First, a new blog by associate producer JoAnna Lio. She talks about the new Neighbourhood, like what's the best place to live, the places to go to,etc.
Check this blog here: Sims3.com blog

Also there is a new VIP update. However, it seems that not many people got the VIP letter with the new code (me included), but fortunately, InfiniteSims posted the contents of the VIP update on their site here: Infinite Sims


VIP mail 18 October
A few days late, but EA has now sent out the VIP mails. The code to enter the VIP section at the Sims3.com is 52685. The mail also reveals a new car for the game. To avoid confusion, the car shown on theSims3.com is available in any Collector's Edition, the blue racecar is if you pre-order this version.

New poll 20 October
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is what you think about ads in Sims 3. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you think about witches. Interesting is that more then 1 third didn't even play with witches yet. Those who did though, are devided; one half likes them, the other half expected more from them.
3126 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about Witches?
- Witches are the best creatures of all!: 12%
- They're pretty cool: 24%
- I expected a bit more from them: 22%
- I'm very disapointed with the witches!: 6%
- Don't have Apartments/Haven't playes with witches yet: 36%

Articles 21 October
Adweek posted an article on advertising in games. Though it's not specifically about The Sims (it's only briefly mentioned) you may find it interesting since there's such a big debate currently for this topic.
Check it here: Adweek.com

A second article is more specific about the Sims. It's about how female computergame developers can really influence the games we play. Below a part:

"Some of the human qualities of The Sims didn't come out until women started working on it," Bradshaw said. "It wasn't until we added kids and relationships that things changed. It became more about these little human beings, these 'Sims,' rather than just the objects in their lives."
Find the complete article here: Courant.com article

Misc. news 23 October
New Apartments patch
TheSims2.com silently updated the Apartment Life patch. Find the long list of fixes and the download here: TheSims2.com

Sims 3 music
EA sent out a press release with information regarding the music in Sims 3. Composer Steve Jablonsky, famous for composing the music in Transformers, The Island and others will compose music for The Sims 3. His music will be featured in key areas of the game like Create-a-Sim, Build and Buy mode and others.
Read all about it here: Press release - Music file

Sims 3 producer in UK
The Uk Sims site gives the info that next week, friday October 31, a Sims 3 producer will come to london for a meet and greet.
Get the details here: Sims UK forum

Mansion & Garden update
And lastly, thesims2.com is updated with new screenshots and object images of the upcoming Mansion & Garden pack here: TheSims2.com


New poll 27 October
There's a new poll. This weeks question is what Sims 3 information you would like to see more of. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you think about ads in Sims 3. I think that EA will be very happy to see that more then a third of all future Sims 3 players likes ads in their game. 1 out of 4 however has a totally opposite opinion on this. The rest (39%) will probably accept them with some annoyance.
3339 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about ads in Sims 3?
- I think it's ridiculous!: 25%
- I'm not very happy with it...: 13%
- A bit annoying but I can live with it: 26%
- I don't mind at all! Makes the game more realistic: 36%

Upcoming fanday 29 October
Next monday, I will attend a Sims 3 presentation and can ask questions. If there is anything you are dying to know about the game, give me a mail, or post in the guestbook or forum. I will do my very best to get the answers.

Mansion & Garden update 30 October
TheSims2.com updated their Garden & mansion Stuff page with new screenshots and items. Check the page here: TheSims2.com.


Sims 3 report 31 October
The first writings and screens of Ben Bell's tour through Europe has been posted on the official UK Sims forum. They write about the new movie-making tools, build mode and many other things.
Find it here: UK Sims forum (scroll down to the bottom).
Also a thanks to all those who sent in Sims 3 questions; I recieved an enomous amount of them!
By the way, Ben Bell will also visit Spain on November 4. I don't know yet about any other countries but next week will surely be interesting for Sims 3 fans.

Sims 3 election movies 31 October
2 new Sims 3 movies have been released. These movies feature a comical view on the upcoming presidential election in America.
Check them here: Gamespy.com