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New poll 1 October
A new poll. This weeks question is what you think about Teen Style. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was what you think about Bon Voyage. 3 Out of 4 people like the game alot and a relatively small amount is (a bit) disapointed. 2165 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about Bon Voyage?
- I love it! Better then expected: 31%
- It's pretty good: 45%
- It's ok, I guess: 14%
- Not as good as I hoped: 6%
- I'm so disapointed in this game!: 4%

IGN BV guide and review 2 October
As with every Sims expansionpack, IGN makes a large, detailed guide for it. In this new Bon Voyage guide you will find info about Vacation homes, Game changes, Photo albums and more.
Find it here: IGN BV Guide

Besides this guide, IGN also made a review and they gave it a pretty good score of 8 out of 10. Read it here: IGN BV Review

'Securom isn't bad' according to Maxis 4 October
Maxis has again posted a message in the Sims BBS and now about SecuROM. Not surprisingly, just as the Tourguide bug, they completely deny the problems people are having with it. Oh and to make things worse, they also say that the Bon Voyage patch is delayed til somewhere later this month.
Read the message here: MaxoidVanquish message

Misc. news 5 October
You can't really call it a minigame, but EA did make something special for Bon Voyage. It's an interactive painting with movies, info and pics of Bon Voyage. It's available in several languages:
England - Deutschland - Espana
Portugal - Italia - Sverige
Castaway update
The official Sims 2 site has updated their Castaway infopage with new screenshots and a video.
Check it here: Castaway update

Securom update at Sims2.com 6 October
The Sims2.com has updated with a much needed response to the SecuROM issue. They opened a seperate BBS section and also MaxoidViolet wrote a large blog update on the issue.
Check it here: Securom BBS section - MaxoidViolet blog

The Sims 2: Free Time 8 October
It looks like that Maxis has decided on the title of the 7th expansionpack. Online shop Gamestop has updated their pre-order page from Hobbies to The Sims 2: Free Time.
Check it here: Gamestop.com

Castaway Stories update 9 October
There is finally some news about Castaway Stories; The 3rd in the series of Sims Stories. The first pic has been revealed by German fansite Sims2Fans.de. And also it's now clear that the game will be available somewhere early next year.

Bon Voyage patch now available 10 October
The Bon Voyage patch has been posted on the official Sims site. The link below takes you to the list of fixes and ofcourse the download link. There are 6 bugfixes in this 16 Mb patch, including the critical 'touguide bug'.
I don't know if there will be any conflicts, but you may want to remove Maty's patch first before installing it.
Get it here: Bon Voyage patch

New Teen Style pics 11 October
4 New Teen Style screenshots have been released. Check them below:


SecuROM update 13 October
I bet many of you are getting pretty tired of this SecuROM issue. And so is Maxis; Several Maxoids are again posting messages in the Sims BBS about it.
This whole issue is now also being picked up by the outside press. Slashdot posted an article with links to these new official statements.
Read the article here: Slashdot article

New poll 14 October
A new poll. This weeks question is if you think there should be an 8th expansionpack. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was what you think about Teen Style. 1 Out of 5 either doesn't like this theme or Stuff packs in general but 60% think it's going to be a pretty good Stuff pack. 2933 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about Teen Style?
- This will probably be the best Stuff pack ever!: 13%
- It looks pretty good; I will most likely get it: 47%
- It's not bad but not great either: 20%
- I'm not really excited about this theme: 9%
- I just hate Stuff packs!: 11%

Site news 15 October
I added a new section in the Infocenter. It's a list of all the Bon Voyage tourguide chance cards. Since I use a Dutch version and also needed to shorten it, the text is not exactly as it apears in the game. The results of the cards ofcourse are.
Check them here: Tour Chance cards.

I regularly get requests for updating the Career chance cards. I won't update the pdf file, but instead start from scratch and make them just as the Tour chance cards. It's quite alot ofwork (800 different options), so I can't say when it will be finished.

Misc. news 16 October
Bon Voyage for Mac
Aspyr posted a press release that Bon Voyage will be published for the Mac. Releasedate is in December.
Read more here: Aspyr.com

EasyCheat program
Simpedia posted a nice little program called EasyCheat. This program helps you entering cheats into the Sims 2 games.
Find it here: Simpedia.co.uk

First Sims 3 info 16 October
June 6 (yes it's from some time ago, but I completely missed it), Richard Evans, senior AI engineer on The Sims 3 at EA, had a talk at AIIDE-07.
In her blog, a woman called Tara wrote up this talk. Some very interesting info can be found in there:

- Each Sim will be unique and distinct, like a Sim that hates tv.
- Sims will do long term planning like he will invite his boss cause he knows it will get him promoted.
- Sims will recognize when other Sims violate social norms and will then react to it.

Read the whole blog here: Tara.teich.net/blog
Thanks very much to Danom8Player from the Sims BBS for finding it.

New poll 21 October
A new poll. This weeks question is which EP7 title you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you think there should be an 8th expansionpack. 7 Out of 10 people really would like an 8th pack. Half of those don't mind if it's an original idea or remake. 1 in 10 think that the Hobbies pack should be the last one. 2871 people voted and here are the results:

Should there be an 8th expansionpack?
- Yes, remake or original, both is great!: 36%
- Yes, but I prefer a remake: 16%
- Yes, but I prefer an original idea: 20%
- An 8th pack is nice but I don't mind if there won't be one: 18%
- No, 7 expansionpacks is more then enough: 10%

Castaway update 23 October
EA sent out a press release with the news that The Sims Castaway is now shipping to stores. Read it here: Press release.

Destructoid had an interview with Ben Bell, the Senior Producer of Castaway. Read it here: Destructoid.com

And for those that haven't seen it yet, the official Castaway site can be found here: www.foundthesims.com

Will Wright update 27 October
Will Wright, the creator of the Sims, has been in the news a lot lately. For those that don't visit Will-Wright.com, here's a rundown;

He recently joined BAFTA as the first person from the video games industry (since then is was exclusively for TV and Film).
Press release - Lecture by Wright after event

An article was made by Wired about Wright's short racing career: Wired

Guardian Unlimited had an interview with Wright where he talks about his favorite games, the game industry in general and ofcourse about his soon-to-arive Spore game: Guardian Unlimited

Halloween objects 30 October
The Official German Sims Magazine has again posted a nice selection of objects, this time in the Halloween theme. 15 Objects are in this 2.88 Mb pack like a double bed, a rug, mirrors and several decorational items. It's free to download after registering on the site.
Find it here: Sims2magazin.de

Sims 3 at next GDC 31 October
Richard Evans, AI engineer for Sims 3, will have an hour long talk about 'New AI Techniques For Sims 3' at the next GDC. We will have to wait til February 18 however but the official GDC site did post a bit of info. Here's a summary:

"AI techniques being used in Sims 3. These include very long-term planning, autonomous traits, and a new socializing model. To make each Sim be a unique snowflake, recognizably distinct from the others, the player focuses less on peeing and sleeping, and more on social relationships and situations. He will demonstrate these ideas working in action in a 2D experimental testbed."

Read the full description here: Richard Evans talk.