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Misc. news 1 October
Italian Fansite Edenstyle posted another Pets movie. This time about the Birds and Womrats. Find it here: Edenstyle.it

French fansite l'universims.com wanted me to give alittle attention to a contest they're having. If you're French you can win the Pets game by making a good community center.

New poll 2 October
A new poll. This weeks question is if you're disapointed of not having an extra Nhood in Pets. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you like to know everything there is to know about Pets. Exactly half of all people want to know every little detail before the game is in the shops. A negligible 2% is avoiding all Pets news. 3780 people voted and here are the results:

Do you want to know everything about Pets?
- Yes I want to know every little detail!: 50%
- I check out most info but not everything: 32%
- I don't check it all. Just some pics and previews: 16%
- No, I try to avoid Pets info: 2%

New Pets pics 2 October
About a month after the Leipzig Convention, German fansite SimTimes posted 16 more pictures from the Pets presentation.
Find them here: SimTimes.de

New Pets movie 4 October
The official German Sims site posted a new 7 minute long Pets movie. It's called "Feature preview" as it covers all of the Pets features; CAP, the new objects, the petcareers and much more. Note that the spoken text is in German.
The Pets section starts about 1 quarter in the movie and in the end it also shows a bit about the Console/Handheld versions.
Find it here: DieSims.de

Pets chat 4 October
The official Sims 2 site announced on their site that tomorrow there will be 2 Pets chats. 1 for Consoles and 1 for PC. They will both run for 45 minutes.
The console chat will start on 1-1:45pm PDT and the PC chat on 2:30-3:15pm PDT
For Europe: 10:00 Console chat/11:30 PC chat.

Hilary Duff in Pets 5 October
EA sent out a press release about Hilary Duff being in The Sims 2 Pets; Both in the Console as in the PC version of the game. For PC, you will be able to download this character from October 17 through December 31.
Find the press release here: Hilary Duff in Pets
With the press release, came a movie:
- Hilary Pets movie low
- Hilary Pets movie high

Misc. news 6 October
Pets avatars
Thesims2.com has updated avatars! You can now, besides Sims, choose a cat or dog as your picture. You can make some whacky characters as a result. (Featured pic is from MaxoidMel by the way).

New Pets puzzle
Another update at Thesims2.com is that there is a new Pets puzzle. This time about a cat scratching a sofa. Find it here: New Pets puzzle

EA Downloader info
A couple days ago, you could read about the downloadable Pets expansion on EA Downloader. There's now a bit more info about it. First thing is that you get the Bandit cat skin with this version. Also "Sunrise" gave some info: The Pets Download file will be 663 Mb in size, you can pre-load it on October 10 and the final releasedate of this version will be October 18.
For those interested, here is (again) the link to the pre-order: EA Downloader

New Pets movies
2 New movies have shown up. They come from Germany and features the 'SimsPlayedBy' Campain. Find them here:
- Movie 1
- Movie 2
Thanks to simfantastic2.com for finding them.

Maxoid blogs
And lastly, several Maxoids have updated their blog. MaxoidGrant writes about a house he has uploaded. MaxoidDrea talks about ' A Day In The Life Of MaxoidDrea'. MaxoidMoonBelly writes alot about the production phases of expansionpacks, which is very interesting. Oh and she also mentions Snooty Sims! Find all Blogs below:
- MaxoidGrant
- MaxoidDrea
- MaxoidMoonBelly

Chat transcripts 7 October
There was so much news yesterday, that I completely forgot to post the links to the Pets chat transcripts. For those that haven't read them yet, find the links below:
- Pets for Consoles chat
- Pets for PC chat

New poll 8 October
A new poll. This weeks question is if you like Dogs or Cats the most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you're disapointed of not having an extra Nhood in Pets. Only 12% of all people is disapointed. The rest can live without it or is even happy of not having an extra Nhood. 3383 people voted and here are the results:

Are you disapointed of not having an extra Nhood in Pets?
- Yes I'm very disapointed about that!: 12%
- An extra Nhood would been nice, but I can live without it: 44%
- It doesn't matter to me one bit: 26%
- I'm glad there's no extra Nhood in this pack!: 18%

Misc. news 9 October
Spanish fansite tecnosims.com found the shortcut Icon for Pets which you can see on the left.
In other news, a member from German fansite Simtimes.de posted several Pets pictures.
Find these here: Simtimes forum topic

French Pets event 10 October
October 4, there was a Pets event in France and several fansites visited and made reports from it. Find them below:
- L'Universims
- Daily Sims
- Simsoucis
- Sims2Blog
- GamonGirls

Misc. news 12 October
Happy Holiday box
Polish fansite Simsy.pl found a big version of the Happy Holiday pack which you can find on the left.

Blog update
MaxoidMel has updated her blog with replies to questions in her guestbook. Find it here: MaxoidMel blog

Maxis mail
Sam Player sent a mail to the community fansites. He writes that he's new to The Sims 2 PC team and that he's a Senior Producer.
Find the mail here: Sam Player mail

Pets guide is out - Pets cheats known
The Prima Pets guide is now being sold. Rosierealea in particular is posting alot of info from it in this topic: Rosierealea BBS post
She also posted the Pets cheats which you can find here: PC Pets cheats

Pets game removed
Maxis made it no longer possible to play the Pets game. Perhaps it was discovered a bit too early. The message about this game will be reposted when it's back available.

Pets mini-game 13 October
Pets game is working again
In this Pets mini-game you can 'create' a cat or dog by making several decisions like the color of fur, breed, zodiac and more.
After the creation, you get a big picture of the result. Besides that, there's also some extra's like Pets wallpapers and IM icons.
find the mini-game, in several languages, below:
- England
- Deutchland
- Nederland
- Norge
- Portugal
- Suomi
- Espaņa
- Brasil
- France
- Italia
- Sverige

5th Expansion pack? 13 October
Danish site GameSection is claiming to have proof of the 5th expansionpack, The Sims 2: Season. As you can see, they posted an ad that came from the Pets box.
A couple of weeks ago, the title Sims 2 in Season was discovered on the EA registration site, and was removed a little while later.
Note that this pack is not confirmed by Maxis and may not be correct. But as the official releasedate of Pets gets closer, we will find out soon enough.
Find this Danish site here: GameSection.dk

Translation of ad 13 October
Heika16 from the SimsBBS made a pretty good English translation from the Seasons ad.
Find it here: Translation

Sims 2.com update 14 October
TheSims2.com updated with a couple things the past few days;

New Pets pics For every Pets version there are new pics to be found. The PC version gets 4 new pictures which are posted in the Pets section.

Simlish songs
Samples from Pussycat Dolls, Flaming Lips and Aly & AJ songs in Simlish is another update. You can find those here: Simlish samples

Blog update Both MaxoidMoonbelly and new Sims 2 Senior producer Sam Player (maxoidSam) updated their blog. Find them here:
- MaxoidSam
- MaxoidMoonBelly

And lastly, fansite SimsArchive collected all the info from the Seasonspack.
Find it here: SimsArchive

More news later today.

Seasons ad confirmed 14 October
I just got my hands on the Dutch Sims 2 Seasons ad. And I can also confirm that it really will be inside the Pets box. Click the link to see it: Dutch Seasons ad
Sorry for the bad quality; I don't have a scanner so took a photo of it.

Halloween pack 14 October
Fansite simfantastic2.com just finished their 3rd un-official pack called The Sims 2: Halloween Pack. 30 scary objects, themed walls, floors, clothes and more can be found in it. It's free and comes with an easy installer.
Find it here: Halloween Pack

Site news 15 October
The chatroom of Snooty Sims has been upgraded. More moderators, higher max of visitors and an extra room is part of the extras.

Misc. Pets news 16 October
The official German Sims site posted artpics of all the Bonus skins; Purple pug, Bandit cat and Purple starred dalmation
Find them here: New artpics
First Pets Review
From the official Sims 2 site comes the news that Gamedaily is the first site that posted a Pets review. They give a good 4 out of 5 rating.
Find it here: Pets review

Pets site update
It's probably no surprise anymore that I already have the Pets expansion, but I couldn't post pics from it until now. I also updated the Cheats and Reward Objects page with the new Pets info. Find it below:
- Pets pictures
- Pets reward object
- Pets cheats

Misc. Pets news 17 October
Pets is shipping to stores
Everybody should now soon get their copies of The Sims 2: Pets. Maxis sent out a press release about the fact that The Sims 2: Pets is now shipping to store shelves.
Find it here: Press release
SimsPlayedBy campain
On Simsplayedby.com, you can now find several adcampains for Pets. Several people played Pets as part of the SimsPlayedBy campain.
Find these 9 movies and pics here: Simsplayedby.com

Pets icon
If you have registered Pets, a Pets icon can be found on your MySim page. As I registered it a couple days ago, it's already on my own Simpage. Left you can see a pic of it.
Pets Training Paper III
The 3rd (and last) Training paper is out on the Sims2.com and it highlights all the different Pets versions. It also gives some new pictures and tells some things about the different cat and dog breeds.
Find it here: Pets Training Paper III

Hilary Duff download
A couple days ago, Maxis revealed that Hilary Duff would become a Sim in the Pets game. You can now download her and her dog Lola into your game.
Find it here: Hilary Duff download

Misc. Pets news 18 October
New PlayedBy movie
Yesterday you could read that there were 9 SimsPlayedBy movies posted. A 10th movie was sent to a small group of fansites and Snooty Sims is one of these.
Find this movie here: Dig movie

Maxoid blog
MaxoidDrea updated her Blog with some of the latest newsitems here: MaxoidDrea blog

Hilary Duff blog
Another blog comes from Hilary Duff. She writes a bit about that she enjoys the Sims game alot and likes being part of the Sims community. The official site also posted some pictures of her Sim:
- Hilary Duff blog
- Hilary Duff screens

Pets unlock codes
Sims2wiki.info posted alot of unlock codes for Pets. For example for new collars and fur. Do not confuse these with the bonus gift of pre-ordering; The codes on this page come from pets promoting in a job.
Find them here: Pets unlock codes

Italian Pets event
EdenStyle.it posted a video from an Italian Pets event here: Pets event movie

Gamespot review
Gamepot made a Pets review and gave it a rating of 7.1. The reviewer finds it a bit difficult to manage a pet in the already busy Sim's day. They also posted some screenshots. Strangely enough, some of the pics have nothing to do with this expansion pack. Find the links below:
- Gamespot review
- Gamespot Pets screens

Misc. news 19 October
Pets E-cards
The official UK Sims site posted some new E-cards. 9 different ones with the Pets theme which you can send to a friend.
Find them here: Pets E-Cards
Lycos dog
From the official French site comes the news that Lycos has a new dog (with special collar) for download.
Find it here: Lycos dog

Seasons ad
For those that haven't got Pets yet but like to see the Seasons ad in the English language, rosierealea from the Sims BBS scanned it.
Find it here: English Seasons ad

Amazon Holiday bonus
As with every expansion/stuff pack, there is a bonus object for those who choose to pre-order. Amazon will give a 'downloadable New Years Party Peepers' as a special bonus.
Find it here: Happy Holiday Stuff
Thanks to Riggleby for the link.

Pets tech support
EA has added a help page for all sorts of problems you may encounter with the Pets expansion. 22 Help topics from installation help to error messages can be found there.
Check it out here: Pets tech support

The end of Maxis? 22 October
In several forums and the Sims2.com BBS, people are discussing about Maxis. Here's one from the official sims BBS: BBS post
The Maxis logo is no longer at the startup screen in the latest expansionpacks, all Maxis logo's are removed from the Sims2.com and even www.maxis.com has been removed and redirects to thesims2.com.

This also happened to several other companies that EA required like Bullfrog (theme park/hospital) and Westwood (command & conquer). It was only a matter of time to see the assimilation of Maxis by EA, however it's still sad to see this happen.
Maxis was aquired by Electronic Arts in 1997 for $125 million. The Sims game alone made EA over $1 billion in sales.

New poll 22 October
A new poll. This weeks question is what you think about the Pets expansion. Click here to vote: New poll.
2 Weeks ago, the question was if you like Dogs or Cats the most. There are 2 times as much people that prefer dogs over cats. About 1 third likes both the same. 5344 people voted and here are the results:

Do you like dogs or cats the most?
- I like dogs the most: 45%
- I like cats the most: 22%
- I pretty much like both the same way: 32%
- I don't really like both of them: 1%

First Happy Holiday screenshots 23 October
Even though Pets has just been released, in 2 weeks, another pack comes out called Happy Holiday Stuff.
EA Spain sent fansite CapitalSims.com some things from this pack like screenshots, the logo and more. When something official is posted on the Sims2.com, I will make a special page for this stuff pack.



Maxoid blogs 24 October
Several Maxoids updated their blog the past few days; MaxoidHunter explains some of the Pets cheats, MaxoidMoonBelly about 2 parties that Maxis had because of the Pets launch and MaxoidMel about the rule on the SimsBBS to not post too much from Gameguides:
- MaxoidHunter
- MaxoidMoonBelly
- MaxoidMel

Happy Holiday on Sims2.com 24 October
TheSims2.com has updated with info about the 3rd Stuff pack called Happy Holiday. It comes in 3 different versions:
- Holiday Edition: The Sims 2 game with the Stuff pack included.
- Happy Holiday Stuff: The Stuff pack with 60 items both from last year and new ones.
- Happy Holiday Mini pack: Just the new items and clothes for those that bought the Holiday pack last year.

Pre-order items 26 October
The 'Happy Holiday Stuff' page at the Sims2.com has been updated with pre-order info. When you order it through Amazon, you get 'New Years 2007 Peepers'; Glasses in the shape of 2007. Order it through the EA store and you get a 'Blizzardous Biosphere' (pictured left).
Find this page here: Happy Holiday pre-order

IGN Pets review 27 October
A bit late, but IGN made a review for the Pets expansionpack. They give it a 'decent' 7.4 rating.
It's very obvious that the reviewer does not really understand this expansionpack, thinking that pets have no use: "once a pet is fully trained, it really doesn't serve any purpose other than to be sold" and "they're just a waste of time".
Well, find this review here: IGN Pets review

Pets reviews 29 October
2 More Pets reviews; From Games Radar and PalGN AU:
- Games Radar: 8 out of 10
- PalGN AU: 6.5 out of 10

New poll 29 October
A new poll. This weeks question is how much you're willing to pay for the Holiday Mini-Pack. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks poll was what you think about the Pets expansion. A large percentage like the game alot. Only 7% is a bit disapointed. 3844 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about the Pets expansion?
- I love it! It's great!: 40%
- It's pretty good: 23%
- It's ok I guess...: 6%
- I'm a bit disapointed in it: 7%
- I don't have Pets (yet): 23%

Site news 30 October
A new section for the Happy Holiday Stuff pack has been added. A bit late, but I gave it a little bit of a Christmas look. Also there are pictures and movies from last year's pack (which items are also in this new Stuff pack).
Find this page here: Holiday info page

Blog update 31 October
MaxoidMoonBelly updated her blog and she writes about some of the Halloween clothes she made and also mentions a bit about the next exp. pack.
Find it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog